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Ewing High School receives an Amazon Future Engineer Program Grant for STEM courses!

Immediate Release

Ewing High School was awarded an Amazon Future Engineers Grant for the 2020-2021 school year!

The grant supports schools that are seeking to expand student access and the pursuit of Advanced Placement Computer Science coursework.  Two years ago, Ewing High School enhanced its STEM course offerings by adding both Honor Computer Science and Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science A courses to its program of studies. Honors Computer Science is an introductory programming logic course followed by AP Computer Science A which is a college level course with the fundamental topics of problem solving through analyzing and writing and testing codes using JAVA.

The Amazon Future Engineer Program Grant will supplement our current curriculum by providing students industry leading cloud computing tools, extensive professional development for teaching staff, instructional support from college level teaching assistants and a career connection through virtual interaction with an Amazon engineer.

“I am excited to implement this high quality coding application software with our STEM teachers and students for the 2020-2021 school year,” commented K-12 STEM Supervisor Don Wahlers.

“Computer Science and coding jobs are expanding rapidly. Providing students and staff this leading edge resource will support making our students college and career ready,” added Assistant Superintendent Danita Ishibashi.