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EHS Senior Spotlight: Meet Angelo Gonzalez

AG National College Decision Day is traditionally May 1st and is the deadline for high school seniors tochoose which college or university they will attend in September. This year some colleges nd universities are changing the date to June due to the Coronavirus pandemic to give high school seniors the opportunity to weigh their decisions more carefully. Have you decided what college or university you will attend in the fall? 

Yes, I have decided to attend Princeton University. 

I always knew that I would attend at least some sort of higher education learning environment. My parents were the first to push me to attend Princeton University since I am the first generation in my family to attend college. My parents always wanted what was best for me and as I grew up more and more family and friends supported me along the way. 

What other colleges and universities did you receive acceptances from?

I received acceptances from all three Rutgers University schools, The College of New Jersey, Bucknell,   Tufts, Lafayette, Johns Hopkins, and Middlebury. 

What is your major? 

I am going to focus on engineering so I am pursuing a Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering degree. 


The Coronavirus pandemic has put a ‘twist’ in the academic high school learning experience this year, what do you miss most about not being able to ‘physically’ attend school?  

I miss being able to interact with my friends and teachers. Staying at home is comfortable at first but after being stuck in my house all day, I realize that school is a really big part of my life.  


What do you want people to know about Ewing High School that they might not know? 

I feel as though this applies to any school but when I moved to Ewing, I was scared about making new friends. It was a different environment but one thing that I have learned is that there will always be a group of people, whether it be friends, teachers or staff, that will always have your back and supportyou.


What advice would you give FMS 8th graders who will be entering EHS as freshman in September 2020 to be successful in high school? 

The best advice I can give is to find the group of people who you know will support you through high school. Of course you’ve got to have the will to push yourself to achieve what you define as success, but knowing people will support you along the way will put an ease to your mind. Also, remember to give that support back to the people you care about.


In which activities do you participate in school? 

EHS Robotics Team, I am part of the manufacturing team.


What activities do you participate outside of school? 

I participate in Princeton University Preparatory Program (PUPP). PUPP is a rigorous six week summer institute that prepares economically challenged, first generation, high achieving students in the college application process.


What accomplishments are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of being able to persevere through the lows of high school and the college application process and still be able to call my path a successful one, so far.


Who or what has impacted your life in a positive way? 

My family and friends have been one of the greatest forces to impact my life. They are part of my success and without them, I would have had an extremely hard time achieving what I have achieved to this day.


How do you define success? 

Success is what you make it to be. It is a goal that can be beyond your grasp but you know that you have the potential to make it become true. Whether it is big or small, success is the driving force

that makes you satisfied with your actions and decisions in life.


What is your favorite quote or book? 

After having to write a term paper for the novel, I learned to enjoy the book for what it is worth, Brighton Rock by Graham Greene, is my favorite book.


Now the important question, during this time of social distancing what is your favorite video game? 

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4, having this game lets me remember and relive those short moments of different emotions I had while watching the show.