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March 13th, 2020 

To: Ewing School Community

Fr: Michael Nitti, Superintendent of Schools

Re: Ewing Schools Public Health-Related School Closure Announcement 

After consultation and collaboration with public health officials and other stakeholders with relevance and expertise, we have made the decision to close the Ewing schools to students from Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 27th. 

This is a very disappointing to us.  We know the vital role our schools play in our service to the community, understand that children belong in school and quite frankly, like having our students with us, but believe that this is the right approach to take as we navigate this public health crisis. 

Please continue to follow all advice and suggestions from medical experts with regard to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping your family healthy. 

We will now activate our previously released Public Health School Closure Plan, located here:


Please review the following: 

Monday, March 16th and Tuesday, March 17th will be designated as our two remaining weather emergency days built into the school calendar.  On these two days: 

  • There is no work expectation for certified teaching staff.
  • There are no online/virtual academic responsibilities for students. 

From Wednesday, March 18th through Friday, March 20th we will move to Tier II: Online Home Instruction Days 

Students are expected to complete the three days of online home instruction lessons that were created by district educators.  These home instruction activities are organized by grade-level and/or subject area, are aligned with curriculum standards and will be made available on the district website through the following portal at 8:00AM on Wednesday, March 18th. 

Effective Monday, March 23rd through Friday, March 27th the Ewing Schools Tier III: Virtual Learning program will come online at 9AM.  All certified teaching staff will be online and available and interacting with students through established instructional portals daily from 9:00AM until 1:30PM.

 All student activities, athletics and events are cancelled or postponed for the next two weeks. 

Please check our website and Twitter feed daily, as it will be updated frequently with information and guidance. 

Below you will find our Remote Learning Coordinators for each school/grade-level. 

If any parent needs assistance with technology, has any questions or issues, or would like to request a supplementary Home Instruction packet, please contact the appropriate coordinator for your child. 

Special Advisory to Eligible Families in the federal Breakfast/Lunch Program: 

If your child is currently eligible to receive free and/or reduced lunch, the Food Service Department has made arrangements to have food available for pick up.

On Monday, March 16th by 3:00PM, please contact the food service department at (609) 538-9800 Ext. 7106 and let them know you would like to pick up food for your eligible children. If you have children at multiple schools in the district, please identify which school you will be picking up food for all of your children.

On Wednesday, March 18th, between 11:00AM and 12:00PM, go to the main entrance of the school and you will be able to pick up your food. You will need to identify yourself and your students, it is encouraged for you to have your driver’s license or some form of ID available.

While picking up food, you will be asked if you would like food for the following week. If you do not pick up on Wednesday, March 18th but would like food for the following week, please contact the number above by 3:00PM on Wednesday, March 18th.

On Monday, March 23rd, you will be able to pick food up in the same manner at the main entrance of the school. Please understand, that food options will be limited to prepackaged items and cold sandwiches, etc.

Thank you again for your understanding as we navigate this public health crisis.

Remote Learning Program Coordinators: 

Antheil Elementary School:               

                Grades K-2:  Ms. Maria Petsos


                                     Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X4154  


                Grades 3-5:  Mr. Chuck Welsh


                                     Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X4102


Lore Elementary School:               

                Grades K-2:  Mrs. Michelle Conway


                                     Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3153       


                Grades 3-5:  Mrs. Kelly Kawalek


                                     Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X6102        


Parkway Elementary School:               

                Grades K-2:  Ms. Sara Graja


                                     Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2156


                Grades 3-5: Mrs. Nicole Harris


                                     Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X5102


Fisher Middle School:               

                Grade 6: Mr. Scott Sheplock


                              Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3104


                Grade 7: Mr. Hugh Dwyer


                              Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3109


                Grade 8: Dr. Maggy Hanna


                                Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3102


 O’Brien Academy:

               Grades K-8:  Mr. David Hauserman


                                    Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X3701


Ewing High School:

               Grade 9:  Mr. Clifford “Kip” Harrison


                               Phone number:   1 (609) 538-9800 X2104  


                Grade 10: Ms. Shalieka Jarrett


                                Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2109                             


                Grade 11: Mr. Edward Chmiel


                                 Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2102


                Grade 12: Mr. Brock Mislan


                                  Phone number:  1 (609) 538-9800 X2152


March 22, 2020 

Ewing Public Schools Essential Employees:


District Administration Office:

Michael Nitti – Superintendent

Dr. Danita Ishibashi – Assistant Superintendent

Dennis Nettleton – Business Administrator

Deb Cabell-Case – Head Bookkeeper Payroll

Nicole Sebasto – Head Bookkeeper Budgets

Theresa Hullings – Confidential Executive Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent


Ewing High School:

Mr. Edward Chmiel – Principal

Mr. Clifford ‘Kip’ Harrison – Assistant Principal

Ms. Shalieka Jarrett – Assistant Principal

Dr. Karen Allen – Director of Counseling Services & Assessment

Tarmie Matlack – Supervising Secretary

Kath Rose – Supervising Secretary


Fisher Middle School:

Dr. Maggy Hanna – Principal

Kathy Vereen – Supervising Secretary


O’Brien Academy:

Dave Hauserman - Supervisor


Antheil Elementary School:

Chuck Welsh – Interim Principal

Antonietta Craig – Secretary

Jennifer Gregg - Secretary


Lore Elementary School:

Kelly Kawalek – Principal

Brenda O’Callaghan – Secretary

Elizabeth Sulton - Secretary


Parkway Elementary School:

Nicole Harris – Principal

Nancy Niezgoda – Secretary

Jemora Bolling Epifanio – Office Assistant


School Security Coordinators:

Donald Ellison – Ewing High School Security Coordinator

Brian Parker – Fisher Middle School & O’Brien Academy School Security Coordinator

John ‘Jay’ Shaler – Antheil Elementary School Security Coordinator

Moses Knott – Lore Elementary School Security Coordinator

Matthew Knight – Parkway School Security Coordinator


Gusz Building:

Harry Louth – Director of Special Service, Operations & Grants

Anthony Brunell – Director Facilities

Jeremy Mitchel – Custodial Supervisor

Lewis Doczy – Grounds Supervisor

David Archer – Maintenance Supervisor

Miguel Rodriguez – Warehouse Supervisor

Laura Adams – Secretary to Director of Facilities



Michael Knapp – Ewing High School Head Custodian

Allen Primus – Ewing High School Assistant Lead Custodian

Steve Garay – Fisher Middle School Head Custodian

Cary Leftridge – Fisher Middle School Assistant Lead Custodian

Fernando Galliano – Antheil Head Custodian

Alexander Samayoa – Antheil Assistant Lead Custodian

Ryan O’Connor – Lore Head Custodian

Arthur Chapman – Lore Assistant Lead Custodian

Mark Sicignano – Parkway Head Custodian


Food Services Department:

Alyssa Pernice – Director Food Services

Brianna Sconiers – Food Services Secretary


Food Services Workers:

Kristin Yates – Food Services Manager Lore School
Diana Sabo – Food Services Manager Parkway School
Brenda Adair
Cindy Leese
Rebecca Medina
Shari Parah – Food Services Manager Antheil School
Linda Dotson
Janet Britton
Beverly Papp – Food Services Manager Fisher Middle School
Wayne Trombly
Sonya Brockington
Grace Torres
Angel Griffith – Food Services Manager Ewing High School
Deneen Marini
Lishie Dixon
Chequita Coleman
Tiffany Gomerdinger-Curtiss
Jamila Bland


George Cahill – Attendance & Safety Specialist


Technology Department:

Mark Rudnick - Manager of Instructional and Infrastructure Technology

Jeffery Infante – Technology Technician

Raymond Mitchell – Technology Technician

Gary Obornik – Technology Technician

James Pankiewicz – Technology Technician

Jim Sheppard – Technology Technician

James Suter - Technology Technician