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First Grade "Fall"ing into the Engineering Design Process

The 2019 “Ewing All Around Town Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt” sponsored by the Ewing Green Team, Ewing Arts Commission, Art Has No Boundaries, and the Ewing Recreation Department, provided the perfect opportunity for students to engage in a STEM challenge that was both innovative and inclusive!

The First grade team at Parkway Elementary School worked together to rise to the challenge of creating a scarecrow out of 80% recyclable material in order to prevent the birds from eating Johnny Appleseed’s apples. Students gathered materials such as cardboard, water bottles, plastic bags, foam, garbage bags, and other common household recyclable items. The students went through the engineering design process of asking, imagining, planning, creating, and improving their scarecrow design so that it could stand on its own and reflect what we have been learning about the 24 signature character strengths needed to flourish. The super-hero scarecrow with his positivity shield and character strength cape is out for display and is a great example of the innovative, positive, and inclusive culture at Parkway Elementary School.

Parkway           PES  

Over at Lore Elementary School children in Mrs. Hoh and Mrs. Mocarski’s first grade classroom students embraced the Ewing School’s STEAM initiative and students were also challenged to design a scarecrow that represented Lore School using donated and recycled materials.  

The children each made their own scarecrow designs, then, collaborated to make one scarecrow as a class.  Their scarecrow, "Leo the Lion", was a part of Ewing Township's scarecrow scavenger hunt. 


First Grade students and teachers at Antheil Elementary School took a different approach to creating their scarecrow "Bearcrow" for Ewing Township Scarecrow Contest and embraced Superintendent Nitti’s theme this year “Caring About Our Community”.  Students are learning about their community, as part of the social studies curriculum and first grade teachers thought it would be a good experience to participate in a Ewing community activity.  This will help the students learn they are part of a larger community outside of school.  


Did you find all of the scarecrows during the Ewing Township scavenger hunt?