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2019-20 Ewing Schools Theme: "Caring about our Community!"

The Ewing Schools have a long history of giving back to the community, and for the 2019-20 school year, that tradition will be encapsulated by our district theme. 

A year after the refrain of “One Community, One Vision, One Vote!” resonated around Ewing Township as the defining mantra of the ultimately successful Referendum ’18, this year’s Ewing Public Schools’ theme will be “Caring about our Community!” 

“Throughout our schools, we truly do have staff and students who go above and beyond to do great things for our community,” Superintendent Michael Nitti stated. “These are charitable and altruistic things that they don’t have to do, that they aren’t required to do, but they do because they really care and want to make the community, and people’s lives, better.”


This district theme will be emphasized in district media and communications throughout the school year, and will be highlighted by the hashtag: #epscommunityservice. Furthermore, each month in the popular “GoodNews” there will be a feature story on each of the district school’s community service efforts and endeavors. 

“I have heard from so many people over the years how impressed they were with our students when they were giving up their own time to help out at an event or function,” Superintendent Nitti added. “This will be a way to highlight and showcase all the great work our kids do for the community.” 

So whether it’s the SOAR Club at Fisher helping out Mercer Street Friends Food Bank, the Lore Giving Tree Project, the Antheil Helping Hands Club Thanksgiving Day Food Drive, Parkway Kindergarten Alex’s Lemonade Stand or EHS student-athletes helping Special Olympics, look for #epscommunityservice to get caught up with all the Ewing Schools’ charitable exploits. 

“In the end, it really highlights what we already know; that we have a community that cares about its’ kids, and kids that really care about their community,” Superintendent Nitti concluded.