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EPEF 2019 Grant Awards



2019 Grant Awards


Total Amount of Grants Awarded by EPEF to the District: $22,502.00!


Thank you to ETS for their generous donation to EPEF. 85% of the grants awarded for the 2019 grant cycle were funded by ETS and will directly benefit the students of the Ewing Public Schools.


Ewing High School


An Upgrade To Traditional
Equipment To Learn Physics
Craig Halpern: $3,734.00


Expanding Access to AP
Sean Hammer: $1,580.00


Nationals – International Thespian Society
Christina Monaco Caldwell: $1,000.00


Supplementing & Differentiating
Lauren Wood: $500.00



Fisher Middle School

Thinking Inside The Box
Jodie Bauer: $1,600.00


Stay In To Win
Jennifer Citarella: $790.00


You're A Scientist, Dress Like One
Darrell Williams: $631.00


Smart Kids Rule *CUNJ funded*
Erika Freeman: $3499.00

Antheil Elementary


Havin' A Ball
Amanda Gallagher: $558.00


Get Moving With Math
Nina Hartigan: $1,800.00


Starfall Grant
Brooke Levy: $270.00


The Power Of Simple Machines
Joanna Papadopoulos: $1,112.00


Sauring To A Pre-Historic Party
Lisa Rogers: $600.00


Technology Integration for Preschool
Catherine Ziegler: $421.00



Lore Elementary


Full STEAM Ahead
Angela Capozzoli: $2,026.00


Positive Force for Flourishing!
Tracy Radler: $1,598.00



Parkway Elementary


Pawsitive Panthers Days of Service
Leigh Cline: $516.00


Rocks of Remembrance
Leigh Cline: $267.00