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Longtime Ewing Schools Facilities Supervisor Retires


M. Shaw


When the Ewing Schools opens for the 2019-20 school year, for the first time in 36 years, Milt Shaw will not be there to make sure everything goes smoothly and efficiently.

Shaw, the district’s longtime Coordinator of Maintenance/Custodial Services, who has been with the school system for over three decades, is retiring this summer.

Shaw worked his way up the ranks for the school district, beginning as a custodian in 1983 and after a series of promotions, being named to the supervisory position in 1998.

After over twenty years of service in an important position with significant responsibilities, Shaw is certainly looking forward to retirement, but has many fond memories of his time with the Ewing Schools.

“I will miss the dedicated people I've worked with and met over the years,” Shaw stated.  “I will also miss the challenge of getting the schools ready for the first day of school.”

Looking back at his time with the district, Shaw reflected on the many changes that have occurred, but noted that his most important responsibilities have remained the same.

“I'm most proud of never missing a deadline in getting the schools ready for opening and in completing construction projects on time,” Mr. Shaw remarked.  “Also,  I'm proud of working within the budget I was given and getting the most out of it.”

But in the end, schools are about students and community, and to Mr. Shaw, it is the memory of these people that he will carry with him on to retirement.

“Over the years, I've enjoyed interacting with the students of the Ewing School and seeing them many years later as successful adults with families of their own,” Shaw commented.  “It is one of the great things about working in schools.”

As far as his retirement plans, Mr. Shaw plans on taking care of some projects around the house and working on his car as well as spending more time with his family and traveling, but he will always bring with him the memories of his time at Ewing!