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Ewing Schools Celebrate Women's History Month


March was Women’s History Month, so our “Good News” staff took the time to visit our schools and check out some of the events and activities!


At Antheil Elementary School, teachers incorporated significant women in history into their “Morning Meeting” time and class lessons. A bulletin board was also crafted in the main lobby to highlight some of the great women leaders in our history.


                                             AES         AES




At Lore Elementary School, in first and second grade classrooms, students spent time throughout the month of March reading biographies of famous women in history. In first grade, students read and learned about amazing women including Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Sally Ride, Clara Barton, and Mae Jamison. Class discussions included a focus on the countless positive changes initiated by women and an emphasis on the strong women who continue to inspire us today. In 2nd grade, students took their research a step further and created biography brochures to share their findings. The students in Lore’s 4th grade classes read the book Riding Freedom by Pam Munoz Ryan, a historical fiction novel about a girl who lived in the mid-1800s, at a time when girls were expected to behave a certain way. The main character Charlotte defies the odds and, using her wit and ingenuity, becomes the first female in history to vote in the United States. This story, while fiction, is based on a real woman who lived in the 1800s and did, in fact, secretly vote.


In special area classes, learned about the power and performance of women as well. In physical education, students learned about Katherine Switzer, the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon. In art, first grade students spent time learning about contemporary artist, Cuban-born Carmen Herrera, ultimately creating minimalist collages that mirrored Herrera’s work. In computer classes, students conducted research related to famous African American women and created presentations using Google Apps to share their findings. 





Over at Parkway Elementary School they used their time to celebrate their own Parkway School hero Ms. Ann Marie Jamison.  As of March 1st Ms. Jamison retired as an E7 Sergeant from the Army Reserves with 21 years of service.  Ms. Jamison served active duty during the Iraq War from 12/15/04 to 3/07/06.  She was the Electrical Section Squad Leader.  On March 7th the Parkway School community honored Ms. Jamison with a schoolwide parade where students sang and played instruments, recited the Pledge of Allegiance and the Parkway Panther Pledge, and presented Ms. Jamison with handmade flowers, patriotic crafts and thank you letters. 


PES           PES


At Fisher Middle School, in celebration of Women's History Month, which commemorates and encourages the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history, the Student Council created several displays throughout the building focusing on important women.  They also featured a quote or a short biography of an influential woman during morning announcements each day. ​






                              FMS         FMS



Ewing High School celebrated Black History Month and Women's History Month with its 2019 talent show on Friday, March 29th. This year's theme was "Celebrating Black HERstory" and featured vocal performances from freshmen Fatoumata N'Diaye and Camillia Livingston, juniors Brendaliz Gonzalez and Al-Khazed Gerald, and senior Symone Summiel. Co-sponsored by the EHS Student Council and the Black Student Alliance, the event also showcased the original artwork of seniors Amanda Alexandre and Isis Williams. The 60+ EHS students in attendance also enjoyed complimentary hors d'oeuvres and desserts that had been graciously prepared by Mr. Kocubinski's culinary classes.   Furthermore, doors around Ewing High School were decorated in honor of notable and important women in history!


“We had a fun month in the Ewing Schools during Women’s History Month,” Assistant Superintendent Danita Ishibashi stated. “It is important for our students to truly appreciate and understand the important role of women in shaping our country and culture.”



EHS Talent Show


EHS                   EHS Talent










EHS           EHS





Ewing High School Doors


Door           Door

 Irreplaceable Women                                                                           Kathrine Switzer - 1st Woman to run the Boston Marathon



Door           Door

 Notable Women                                                                                      Suffragist That History Forgot




Door           Door

 Women in Ceramics I                                                                            Empowering Young Women in Ceramics II




Door           Door

Women in Science                                                           Women Making History



Door           Door

Women Supporting Women                                                   Wonder Women in the Kitchen 














    Women's HERstory Month