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Ewing Public Schools Staff Spotlight: Meet Patricia Lombardi

Mrs. Lombardi


Where do you teach and what grade level/courses?  How long have you been a teacher?

I teach kindergarten at the O’Brien Academy. This is my first year in Ewing, I began my career 24 years ago.


What college or university did you attend and why did you choose that establishment of higher-education? 

I attended Montclair State University.  Montclair State was a top school in NJ for Early Childhood Education. It was the perfect distance from my home, far enough away for me to be a resident but close enough to visit my family often.


What made you want to become a teacher?

I love to learn and am passionate about reaching all learners. My road to teaching was a natural progression. I have always worked with children. It started with babysitting and moved on to tutoring.  It never felt like work.


When a student leaves your classroom at the end of the year, what do you want them to remember most?

It is important that my students leave each year confident in their abilities. I want them to remember they have value.


What do you like best about Ewing?

We are a team. Here at the O’Brien Academy no staff member or student is an island. We all work together to create the best opportunities for all of our students. 


What do you think is the most important aspect of teaching?

You have to know your students. Every student is different. I strive every day to really see my students and what their needs are that day and try to reach them in the best way possible. 


What do you do outside of school?

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family,  running and relaxing with a good book. 


Who or what has impacted your life in a positive way?

My children have had the most impact on my life.  My daughter reminds me each day is a gift and my son makes sure we laugh every day.


How do you define success?

Success is the achievement of a goal. It is usually gained by hard work.  


What is the one thing people do not know about you that you would like to share?

I truly love to learn, I have 11 different certifications. My husband jokes I like to take tests. I just love learning new things.


What is your favorite quote or book?

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith