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The Ancient Greek ideal of a sound mind in a sound body is still alive and well at Ewing High School.


One of the many cool things about the athletic and academic programs at EHS is that the school is a home to a modern and progressive fitness center consisting of almost 5,000 square feet of innovative training equipment.


The fitness center has largely been upgraded and stocked through the fundraising endeavors of physical education teacher Dave Sheffel and his colleagues in the physical education department.


Their efforts have allowed the physical education and coaching staff at EHS to implement state of the art fitness approaches throughout their curriculum and athletic programs.


“There are a variety of innovative exercises we utilize on a regular basis in the EHS Life Fitness Center that help students and athletes continue to improve on muscular endurance, strength and conditioning, and on their overall health,” Mr. Sheffel stated.


According to Physical Education Supervisor Bud Kowal, two main exercises being practiced on a regular basis are TRX® and plyometric exercise.


“The TRX® system is a suspension system designed to use the person’s body weight to improve the muscular strength and endurance,” Mr. Kowal stated. “The TRX® system delivers a fast, effective total-body workout that utilizes the persons own body weight to develop stronger muscles. It also helps develop a solid core which will in turn help the student-athlete become better in all exercises being practiced. Lastly, all age groups are able to use the TRX® system making it a very versatile piece of equipment.”


Plyometric exercising can help a student athlete enhance strength and speed, increase endurance, burn calories, and build stronger bones. There is minimal equipment needed for this type of exercising which makes it a very useful tool in a student athlete’s routine.


“Being able to perform plyometric exercise helps the muscle be able to stretch and contract faster, making it easier for an athlete to react and perform at any sport movement,” Mr. Sheffel commented.


The Ewing Schools have become a leader in inclusive, unified physical education, and these courses use the center weekly to help promote fitness. Students are given a fitness plan and follow the plan around various weight and cardio machines.


This teaches our students with disabilities how to properly use fitness equipment and how to follow fitness plans. The fitness plans are similar to those used at local Fitness Center's in the community. Doing this teaches students the life skills they need to be active in their community.


The EHS Life Fitness Center also offers creative programing for students such as:

  • Pre-Season and Out of Season Training
    for EHS Athletic Teams
  • Group Fitness, Yoga and Pilates
    on the turf
  • Strength circuit stations in the
    weight section.
  • Cardio intervals on spin bikes
    and ellipticals.
  • Core Training on the turf using the
    kettle bells and/or weight bags.


“We are very proud of our fitness center and offerings,” Mr. Kowal stated. “We believe one of the most important things we do is promote and appreciation of lifelong healthy living.”



EHS Life Fitness Center



EHS Life Fitness Center