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The Ewing Public Schools Board of Education BOE Briefs: January 7th, 2019

Immediate Release

The Ewing Public Schools Reorganizes for 2019


The Ewing Township Board of Education met on January 7th in the Fisher Middle School Media Center to conduct the annual BOE reorganization meeting.


School Business Administrator/Board Secretary Dennis Nettleton opened the meeting and then read into the record the official results of the November BOE election.  He then conducted the oath of office for returning Board members Anthony Messina, who was elected to his third term on the Board, and Lisa McConnell, who was elected to her second term on the Board, as well as new member Deb Delutis (see sidebar).


Mr. Messina           The Messina Family


  Mr. Anthony F. Messina, Board of Education Member with Mr. Dennis Nettleton, School Business Administrator and family.



Ms. McConnell           The McConnell Family


Ms. Lisa A. McConnell, Board of Education Member with Mr. Dennis Nettleton, School Business Administrator and family.


Mrs. Delutis           The Delutis Family


Mrs. Deborah A. Delutis, Board of Education Member with Mr. Dennis Nettleton, School Business Administrator and family.



Mr. Nettleton then recognized Superintendent Michael Nitti, who shared that January was Board of Education Recognition Month in New Jersey.


In 2002, the State of New Jersey, along with the State Board of Education, the public body which regulates public education, designated the month of January as the time to honor the work done by local school board members.


New Jersey’s local boards of education play an essential role in our students’ lives. These volunteer public servants take time away from their family and friends to oversee 581 school districts which, in turn, operate 2,500 public schools and provide educational services to nearly 1.4 million children. They set the policies for our schools and make important decisions affecting curriculum, financing and staffing.


January is a time to raise public awareness of the roles and responsibilities of local boards of education. Mr. Nitti thanked all Ewing Township Board members, present and past, for their efforts on behalf of the school community.


Mr. Nitti then shared with the Board and public a display created by EHS teacher Christina Harrison’s Graphics 1 class that highlighted the important work of the Board of Education.  The artwork showed Ewing students from the primary level through high school emphasizing the district mission of “Providing a Foundation for Life” silhouetted by the iconic Ewing High School clock tower imagery.  Mr. Nitti thanked Ms. Harrison and her classmates for their efforts.


Thank You BOE  


The Board then conducted its election for President, which resulted in the nomination and unanimous selection of Anthony Messina.  This will be Mr. Messina’s second stint at Board President.  He served as Vice President in 2018.  The Board then unanimously elected Lisa McConnell as Vice President.


The Board also approved its meeting calendar for 2019, which is posted to the website under the Board of Education/Ewing BoardDocs/Library/Events.


At the conclusion of the meeting, several Board members thanked and commended outgoing Board President Karen McKeon for her efforts in the leadership role, noting that the past year was a monumentally challenging and important year for the Ewing Schools, with the successful passing of the facility bond referendum.


Ewing BOE Welcomes New Member: Deborah Delutis


On November 6th, Deborah Delutis was elected to her first three year term as a member of the Ewing Township Board of Education.  Mrs. Delutis is a lifelong Ewing resident and a Ewing High School graduate who has children at Ewing High School and Fisher Middle School.



Mrs. Delutis, who has a Bachelors Degrees in Humanities and Social Science from Thomas Edison State University and has worked as a Manager at Pennington Quality Market for over twenty years, has always been very involved with the community and schools.  She served as team parent for many Ewing Little League teams and as President of the Parkway School PTA.  Mrs. Delutis also sat on Parkway's Anti-Bullying, Teacher of the Year and Title 1 committees and was President of the Fisher School FPA.



Mrs. Delutis has shared her goal of working with the Board and administration to continue to promote practices that create a positive and harmonious school culture, and also on expanding the district’s inclusive and unified practices.



“I am looking forward to joining the Board of Education,” Mrs. Delutis stated.  “I have been involved in the Ewing Schools for the past eight years on a PTA level and I am looking forward to expanding my role within the school community. I have attended many meetings over the years and I am happy to have a seat at the table as we work together to make the Ewing Schools great.”