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District Honored For School Safety Initiatives

In early December the Ewing Public Schools were recognized for their efforts in the area of Safety Management at the annual State of the Fund meeting for the Burlington County Insurance Pool Joint Insurance Fund.




The district has been a part of the fund since 2015 and was recognized with three awards for outstanding performance in claims processing, claims management, and for safety.


The district was commended for its recent efforts to improve safety and workplace climate for staff and students. The safety award is the fund’s highest honor, the Safety Elite II Award. The awards also came with a check back to the district in the amount of $3,000 which the district can use to support their safety initiatives.


“I have to thank our hardworking staff in the business office for their skill and professionalism,” School Business Administrator Dennis Nettleton commented. “Also, all of our employees have been working hard to make sure our schools are as safe as possible as they support our students, and we are appreciative of their efforts.”