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January is School Board Recognition Month!

Board of Education members are unpaid volunteers who devote a tremendous amount of time to serve the community. In honor of this event, we asked our Board members what they found to be the most rewarding aspect of their work:


What do you find most rewarding about serving on the Board of Education?


 K. McKeon


Karen McKeon (President): During my tenure, I am most proud of being able to maintain favorable class sizes throughout the district and the expansion of extracurricular activities. These elements enhance a child’s overall education which in turn leads to greater success academically. Looking ahead, the passing of the bond referendum will update and improve the district’s facilities for future generations. It is very rewarding to have the support of the Ewing community as we move ahead with this endeavor.


A. Messina


Anthony Messina (Vice President): Watching our students grow as students and individuals as they make their way through their time in the EWING Schools!


C. Benedetti, Jr.


Carl Benedetti: To be able to serve a district, that provided me with so much during my K-12 education, has been incredibly rewarding, and has brought me immense pride. Being an advocate for my alma mater is a great privilege, and one that I plan on doing for as long as I can.


M. Benedetti


 Maria Benedetti: What I find most rewarding is seeing the Board’s efforts come to fruition, which in turn, makes it possible for the students in our district to thrive, grow and succeed.


K. Bradley, Sr.


Ken Bradley: The most rewarding thing about serving on The Ewing Township School Board is that I am on a governing body that has a direct impact on our children’s future, and on our community development. I am serving on my Fifth (3 year) term. I hope that serving on the board has had a positive effect on our children and the future of our community. This is a position of great responsibility and I hope that the citizens who elected me to serve have been pleased with my services thus far.


Dr. Conway


 Dr. Channing Conway: What I enjoy most about serving on the Ewing Board of Education is having the opportunity to serve the community by doing what’s best for all students.


L. McConnell


 Lisa McConnell: Giving back to the school community that I grew up in and ensuring that the next generation of Ewing kids will have the same opportunities for a great education available to them.


S. Staub  


Stephanie Staub: Creating opportunities for Ewing students to grow is what I find most rewarding. Those opportunities come in many forms - new curriculum or technology added in the classroom, expanded athletic or art programs, clubs and activities - any forum where students can find their passion and excel will give them confidence, self-assurance, and personal growth.


B. White

Bruce White:
I have found most rewarding observing and being part of the students (and their families) academic and varied extra-curricular achievements in the Ewing Public Schools.