Mr. Charles "Chuck" Welsh
    Mr. Welsh
    Interim Principal
    Antheil Elementary School
    609-538-9800 ext. 4102 

    January 2, 2020

    Dear Antheil School Community: 

    I am excited to join the Antheil School family as the interim principal for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, and to give you some information about my background in education. 

    In 2010, I retired after a long career in New Jersey education as a teacher, coach and administrator.   My final position was with the Howell school district, when I was given the opportunity to serve as the founding principal of a new middle school for a decade. 

    Since retirement, I have had the opportunity to serve as an interim administrator in five districts, including a stint as the interim principal at the Lore School, an experience that I very much enjoyed. Currently, I am working as an administrator at Timberlane Middle School in neighboring Hopewell Valley. 

    In addition to the interim work I have done, I have stayed involved with education by serving as a mentor for new administrators as part of the New Jersey Leaders to Leaders initiative and have served on the Board of Education in Howell Township. 

    As educators, I believe that we are responsible for discovering and nurturing the unique intellectual abilities that exist within every student we encounter. We use buzzwords to describe how to deliver this service, but good teachers have always instinctively provided meaningful and engaging instruction to their students, using strategies that are appropriate for their varying learning styles and interests. 

    I am aware of the reputation of the Antheil Elementary School for having a strong and supportive school community, and I am excited to join the Educational Leadership Team of the Ewing Schools and working to promote student achievement. 

    I intend to fully support all the good work the Antheil teachers are doing with their students.   


     Mr. Charles “Chuck” Welsh

    Interim Principal Antheil Elementary School