ASYSST -- Available School Youth Services Support Team



    ASYSST Registration Form


     ASYSST SERVICES: Individual counseling, Group counseling, Family Therapy, Primary and Preventive Health, Job Skills Training, Resume Writing, Finding a Job, Referrals to Community Services, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Pregnancy Prevention Programs, LGBTQ Services, Tutoring, Recreational Activities, Summer Camp.

     WHAT WE DO: ASYSST is here to support YOU! Whether you need help with study habits, or a friend or adult is getting on your nerves… Whether you’re worried about someone you care about or you’re having conflicts with parents… ASYSST provides a safe place to talk it out… We’re here to help.

     ASYSST is about FUN!!! We have our own recording studio where you can make your own CD. We have movie nights and trips to community events; we also have a Free Summer Program. So stop by to talk about what we have going on this month! Or come share your ideas to make ASYSST even better, We’re open!


    -          Get a pass from your guidance counselor, dean or teacher

    -          Get a pass from an ASYSST staff

    -          Go to the main office to call us for an appointment and we will contact you.

     WHERE IS ASYSST LOCATED? ASYSST is in transition now and will be located in room 100.

     DOES ASYSST EXTEND TO STUDENT’S FAMILIES? Yes. Services are available to students and their parents(s)/guardian(s). Evening hours can be arranged if needed . Additionally, ASYSST can provide help in linking families to helpful community resources.

     CONFIDENTIALITY: Confidentiality is a cornerstone of the services at ASYSST.  Everything you tell us is CONFIDENTIAL and can NOT be disclosed to anyone, even your parent(s)/guardian(s) without your expressed written consent, except for:

              -Life threatening situations

                       a. if you are suicidal or are being abused,

                       b. if you are going to harm yourself or others,

              c. if you are actively under the influence of mood-altering

              substances (high).

    If you or someone you care about uses substances, we can help. We provide a safe place to talk it out.

     REALIZING YOUR DREAMS: This is all about you – navigating school, relationships, family, jobs. It can get rough out there! Let ASYSST support you. It’s free! It’s confidential! We’re here to help.

     PROGRAM HOURS: Weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (or by appointment if needed). Weekend activities – when appropriate. Six-week Summer Camp. We are in operation year round!

     ARE THERE ANY REQUIREMENTS? Yes. Parental Consent is required for participation in ASYSST. Please fill out a Parental Consent Form (available from ASYSST, guidance or main office).