Goals and Philosophy

    Ewing High School is an institution dedicated to the proposition that all students will be provided an equal educational opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, or socioeconomic background.  To the greatest degree possible, students will be challenged to achieve to their maximum potential. Our school community is a microcosm of our nation in the sense that it reflects the diversity of cultures, religions, philosophies, and lifestyles found across our great land. Students will have the opportunity to appreciate the value of this diversity and become socially responsive in our democratic society. The goal of the Ewing High School faculty is to assist every student in becoming a valued member of society. Therefore, we will prepare students to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, and self-directed problem solvers.


    Our teachers are not only devoted to discovering and developing students’ talents, skills, and abilities, they are also innovative in creating opportunities for students to take advantage of the intellectual and personal possibilities provided through the curricular and extra-curricular programs offered at Ewing High. Students may participate in school government, recreational or athletic teams, clubs, musicals and dramas, artistic performances, journalism publications, or service organizations.


    Considering the increasing technological complexity of our world, Ewing High School has been redesigned to include computer labs and a high-tech media center. The curriculum has been revised, and the teachers have been prepared to include computer work and technology as part of their instruction. The dedication of the faculty and the richness of the curricular offerings have resulted in graduates who are prepared for success at the country’s most prestigious colleges and universities.


    Message to Parents

    Parents are encouraged to consult with members of the school staff regarding their children's progress. Please e-mail or call to make an appointment during the school day with a teacher, counselor, department supervisor, or administrator. Every effort will be made to ensure that your questions and concerns are addressed in an appropriate and timely fashion.