• The Ewing Public Schools

    Board of Education Goals 2021-2022

    Each summer, the Ewing Township Board of Education and the administration meet in a retreat setting to review the state of the district, discuss the progress made on the previous year's Board goals, and shape new goals for the upcoming school year in a collaborative and collegial manner.   

    For 2021-2022, the Board and the administration have established one encompassing goal for each of the major school district areas of: Personnel, Operations, Governance, Curriculum and Instruction and Fiscal Management.   

    Goal 1: Personnel 

    Implement training and professional development that builds a staff that is prepared to meet the needs of a diverse school community and embraces the importance of equity and inclusivity.  

    Goal 2: Operations 

    As we continue to navigate the public health crisis, the district is currently working towards an anticipated traditional, fully-in-person reopening of school.   Consequently, we will revise and revamp our Return to School plan, which is a “living document,” by working with stakeholders with relevance and expertise to make our schools as safe and healthy as possible.

    Goal 3: Governance 

    Acknowledging that the previous school year was turbulent and challenging for the entire school community, the district will put into place practices and programs that promote mental and emotional health for all stakeholders.

    Goal 4: Curriculum and Instruction 

    As the district embraces a “one to one” device initiative, it will implement a blended learning model which infuses instructional technology with “best practice” classroom pedagogical strategies that promote authentic student learning.

    Goal 5: Fiscal Management 

    As the district moves towards the completion of Referendum ’18 Phase 3 initiatives, efficiently manage facility projects and communicate pertinent information effectively to the community. 


    2021-22 School District Theme

    Appreciative of the support and efforts of the entire school community as we navigated the public health crisis, and working towards better days and a return to normalcy, the district theme for the Ewing Schools for the 2021-22 School Year is:

    “Staying Strong-Moving Forward!”