• BOE Goals for 2017-2018 

    Each summer, the Ewing Township Board of Education and the administration meet in a retreat setting to review the state of the district, discuss the progress made on the previous year's Board goals, and shape new goals for the upcoming school year in a collaborative and collegial manner.   

    For 2017-2018, the Board and the administration have established one encompassing goal for each of the major school district areas of: Personnel, Operations, Governance, Curriculum and Instruction and Fiscal Management.  


    Goal 1: Personnel 

    Implement systemic assessment of the evaluative process of all employees, ensuring that there is an organizationally beneficial approach that promotes both staff accountability and managerial support.


    Goal 2: Operations 

    Continue to advance the district’s mission with regard to environmentally-friendly initiatives, energy-saving endeavors, and transportation efficiency efforts to promote sustainability, cost-savings, and improved services.


    Goal 3: Governance 

    Work with relevant stakeholders to examine and evaluate issues related to the emotional and psychological health of our students.  Focus will include the impact of educational practices on student anxiety and stress, and analysis of programs that we offer that promote emotionally healthy children.


    Goal 4: Curriculum and Instruction  

    Maximize the potential of instructional technology as a means to promote student learning by evaluating the district’s implementation and expansion of educational technology in the classroom.


    Goal 5: Fiscal Management 

    The Board and administration will develop a plan and process for a bond referendum that addresses facility needs and positively positions the district for future generations of students.  This referendum process will be communicated strategically and effectively by the Board and administration.