• Emergency Closing Information
    Weather conditions or the loss of utility services (heat, water or electricity) can mean the delayed opening of the schools, the closing of the schools or early dismissal. The decision to delay or close the schools is made as early as possible. A message will be placed on the district phone system (609-538-9800), website, Comcast Channel 19 and Verizon Channel 31. A SchoolMessenger message will also be sent.
    It is suggested that you have high importance alerts sent to a monitored phone and all other notifications sent to an email account which can be monitored at your convenience.

    School Messenger Categories:

    High Importance (for the following only)

    ·          School Closings/Delays/Early Dismissal

    ·          Emergency/Crisis

    ·          Any issue involving school/student safety

    ·          Absentee notifications


    School Information

    ·          Reminders of or any change to school calendar activities (concerts, special evening or after school activities such as Science Night, Reading     Night, Spirit Parade, etc)

    ·          Reminders about Back to School Nights, report cards, conferences, assemblies, BOE/budget meetings, etc.

    ·          Reminders to those who receive free/reduced lunch from Food Services

    ·          Reminders about registration



    ·          Bus Accidents/Delays/Schedule changes NOTE: depending on the situation, notifications of bus accidents may be sent under HIGH  IMPORTANCE



    ·          Club/Sports activities; cancellations and/or changes in meetings or practice schedules



    ·          Reminders about fundraisers, book fairs, PTA activities, EDP info/reminders, etc.

    Should there be a delayed opening, all students are to report to school 1 hour and 30 minutes later than normal. Do not drop your child off at school at the usual time as there may not be sufficient staff for supervision.


    Delayed Opening Hours:

    Antheil, Lore and Parkway Elementary Schools: 10:30AM
    Antheil Full Day Preschool:  11:00AM
    Fisher Middle School : 9:55AM
    O'Brien Academy:   9:05AM
    Ewing High School: 9:15AM
    NO morning EDP; NO morning Pre-K classes; Breakfast is not served.
    Early Dismissal Days During the School Year:
    Antheil, Lore and Parkway Elementary Schools:  1:40PM
    Antheil Full Day Preschool:  1:00PM
    Fisher Middle School:  12:55PM
    O'Brien Academy:  11:55AM
    Ewing High School:  12:15PM (No Lunches Served)
    School Hours During the Last Three (3) Days of School
    Antheil, Lore and Parkway Elementary Schools:  9:00AM-1:10PM (No Lunches Served)
    Antheil Full Day Preschool:  9:30AM-12:30PM (No Lunches Served)
    Fisher Middle School:  8:25AM-12:35PM (No Lunches Served)
    O'Brien Academy:  7:25AM-11:35AM (No Lunches Served)
    Ewing High School:  7:45AM-12:00PM (No Lunches Served)