• Ewing Township Board of Education

    Board Member Assignments


    The Ewing School Board works as a "whole" so that all members receive the same information at the same time, discuss issues and options together and come to a mutual decision.  By the whole board being able to give full consideration to issues, the district benefits from the best thinking of all board members.  “Working as a Board of the Whole” by Toby R. Simon, NJSBA, is a useful explanation of this. 

    There are community and educational efforts that have traditionally required Ewing board member representation. These assignments are made by the Board President at the time the School Board re-organizes.  What follows is a current list, with the primary designee listed first, and the alternate second, along with a brief description of the assignment.  All representatives are encouraged to report on their respective assignments at Board meetings.  Contact Dennis Nettleton to have your report included on the agenda. 

    Ad-hoc committees may be formed by the Board president at other times, due to certain key issues or activities being overseen by the board.  

    Liaison to Ewing Township Council — Dr. Channing C. Conway (Alternate – Mrs. Stephanie F. Staub)

    Attend occasional town council meetings and maintain communication link with town council’s liaisons to School Board.  

    Delegate to the Mercer County School Boards Association — Mr. Anthony F. Messina   

     Attend the local meetings sponsored by the County Board, encourage other board members to attend, and become acquainted with NJSBA field staff who attend. http://www.njsba.org/county/mercer/mercer.html?c=11 

    Delegate to the NJ School Boards Association — Dr. Channing C. Conway (Alternate – Ms. Lisa A. McConnell)

    Attend the Delegate Assembly, held twice a year, as voting member for Ewing Board. Share the issues before the Assembly meets with the Board for their input and report on results.

    Information is also in School Board Notes and placed on the NJSBA website www.njsba.org prior to the meeting.  If a delegate is not registered, the DA handbook is mailed to the Business Administrator.

    Barbara Deveney, Administrative Assistant to the General Counsel, New Jersey School Boards Association

    Phone: 609-278-5256        Fax: 609-394-1103              bdeveney@njsba.org 

    Representative to the Vocational Coordinating Council of Mercer County — Mr. Tyron A. Miller, Jr.

    Attend the discussions with the ten county school districts on the long range plans of the vocational schools. 

    Liaison to the Ewing Public Education Foundation — Mrs. Jennifer L. Miller

    Inform Board of the Foundation’s activities.  1st Monday of each month @ 7:30pm in FMS teacher’s lounge; if school is closed that Monday, the meeting is held the following Monday.  During summer months the meetings are generally held at a trustee’s home.

    Heather Kearns-Latini -  Heather@epef.org 

    Superintendent Evaluation/Board Self-Evaluation/Board Solicitor Committee—Ms. Lisa A. McConnell (Alternate — Mr. Anthony F. Messina

    Prepare the instrument for evaluation of leadership skills, tabulate results and draft the formal evaluation document, and oversee the board discussion.  Also initiate the board self-evaluation process.

    Liaison to the Ewing Township Green Team – Ms. Deborah A. Jones http://ewingnj.org    

    District Technology Committee Member – Ms. Lisa A. McConnell 

    Sustainable Facilities Committee – Mr. Anthony F. Messina, Mrs. Stephanie F. Staub, Mr. Michael S. Miller

    Negotiations – Mr. Anthony F. Messina, Mrs. Deborah A. Delutis