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    Fall Athletic Permission Packets - Deadline

    Athletic Permission Packets for the EHS 2017 Fall Season were due to the nurse’s office by Monday, June 19  to insure that students will be eligible to begin pre-season practice this summer.

    If you are planning on participating in a Fall sport and have not returned your Athletic Participation Packet yet, please have your packet to the Ewing High School main office by August 7, 2017.  The Ewing High School Main office is open during the summer from 8:00 to 4:00PM Monday-Thursday.  GO BLUE DEVILS!
    FMS 2017 Fall Season Athletic Permission Packets can be turned in to the FMS Nurse's Office Monday through Thursday through August 4th from 8:30AM to 12:00PM. 
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    Fall Athletic Permission Packets - Deadline

    Sports Physicals & Paperwork

                Approval for sports include a physical within 1 calendar year (i.e. a physical completed the last week of school will cover the entire school year) and all necessary paperwork signed and turned in to the Nurse’s office.


    Get a physical from your family physician & turn in required paperwork for Fall sports at least two weeks prior to end of school.  The school Nurse’s office is not open in the summer.  Paperwork must be approved by the last day of school in June to practice fall sports in August.


     Fall sports start practice begins:
        * Mid-August:
                Football, B/G Soccer, B/G Cross Country, Field Hockey, Girls Tennis, Cheerleading


     Turn in required paperwork for Winter sports at least two weeks prior to first practice.


    Winter sports start practice begins:

     * November 9:
    B/G Swimming & Ice Hockey

       * November 15th:
          B/G Bowling

       * Tryouts begin Monday before Thanksgiving

            Official Practices begin Monday after Thanksgiving      

                B/G Basketball, Wrestling, Winter Track, Cheerleading


    Turn in required paperwork for spring sports at least two weeks prior to first practice.


     Spring sports start practice.

       * 1st Friday of March:

                Baseball, Softball, B/G Track, Boys Tennis, Golf, B/G Lacrosse

     By NJ Law packets cannot be turned in more than 90 days prior to the start of the season

    Physical Forms must have all information completed including vision screening and physician's stamp


    Contact the Athletic Office with any questions or concerns.

    Bud Kowal, Athletic Director
    609-538-9800 ext.2126

    Caryn Lawton, Secretary
     609-538-9800 ext. 2127