Class of 2022 Advisors

    Ms. Paliabelos  - cpaliabelos@ewingboe.org (Room 202)

    Mr. Gibbs - tgibbs@ewingboe.org (Room 119)




    Remind: @ewing2022 or @ewing2022a

    Instagram: @ewinghigh.classof2022

    Google Classroom: goti6zw

    Two bulletins upstairs in the math hallway, one at the top of the stairs and one across from Room 202



    Upcoming News/Events:

    • Weekly Bulletin 1/10/22
    • Fifth Class of 2022 Meeting: 1/26 @ 2:40PM in Room 202
      Missed our first meeting? Check out this Jamboard for everything we discussed.Missed our second meeting? Check out this Jamboard.Missed our third meeting? Check out this Jamboard.Missed our fourth meeting? Check out this Jamboard.
    • PROM 2022 PAYMENT PLAN1st payment: $20 due between 11/23/21 and 12/23/21 (more information below)
      2nd payment: $20 due between 1/3/22 and 2/4/223rd payment: $20 due between 2/14/22 and 3/18/224th payment: whatever is owed due between 3/28/22 and 4/29/22
    • Yearbook Orders extended to February 1, 2022 (info below)
    • SENIOR PROM Friday, May 20 @ 6:30PM - 10:30PM
      The Estate at Farrington Lake, East Brunswick


    Interested in being a peer tutor?

    Click here to fill out this registration form.


    Need help with a class?

    Click here to request a peer tutor.


    Prom Payments

    If you plan on attending prom, your first payment of $20 cash or check is due by Thursday, December 23, 2021 to Ms. Paliabelos (Room 202) or Mr. Gibbs (Room 119). Please read and fill out this survey with a parent or guardian and submit your payment.

    If you would like to do your first 3 payments in one installement, you may give $60 instead. Your fourth and last payment will be whatever you owe and will be due the month before prom.

    The full price of the prom ticket is unknown as of now and will depend on the fundraising we accomplish this year.

    The prom payment plan is optional, so you can pay in full in March/April when the last payment is due, if that is what you prefer.

    Guests outside of EHS are currectly not allowed. Adminstration will re-evaluate 2 to 3 months ahead of prom.



    • www.balfour.com
    • Use the "Shop My School" link and enter "Ewing High"
    • Scroll down to the "Yearbook Products" link
    • Customize your order
    • Cost: $85
    • Want to pay by cash or check instead? See Ms. Conover in the main office
    • Email Mrs. Hammer with any questions: khammer@ewingboe.org
    • Yearbook Payment Plan





    Class of 2022 Parent Group Events


    First 2022 Parent Group Meeting: 9/28 @ 6:30/7PM

    Second 2022 Parent Group Meeting: 10/26 @ 6:30/7PM



    Please donate to The Class of 2022 Parent Group GoFundMe

    Their goal is to reach $3000!!!



     This year I want to make our fundraising efforts for EHS 2022 Parent Group a lot easier by using a service called FlipGive. With FlipGive we can ask for donations, shop online with popular brands like Walmart, Apple, Under Armour or buy gift cards to restaurants and our team will earn cash! 

    Join our team now using our invite code BY6PF4 in one of 2 ways:
    1. Download the FlipGive app at https://www.flipgive.com/app?joincode=BY6PF4


    Remember to use FlipGive before you shop online so we'll earn cash back. If you make a purchase in the next 7 days we'll receive a $5 bonus!
    Class of 2022 Parent Group



    Just Write a Check Campaign

    Donate to the Class of 2022!

    Checks made payable to EHS Class of 2022

    Fill out the attached form above and mail to Laura Canavera

    Questions? Contact Janet Britton or Peggy Leary at EHS2022ParentGroup@gmail.com

    Just Write a Check Campaign