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    Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!

    You are in for an exhilarating school year!  We have 33 new staff members joining our Ewing Family, a new Principal at Lore School (Mrs. Kelly Kawalek) and a new K-12 Instructional Supervisor for English Language Arts, English Language Learners and Media Specialists (Ms. Sara Graja).

    What can you expect for the 2018-2019 school year; we will continue focusing on teaching and learning which enhances our student's ability to apply and transfer written communication and analysis skills across content areas.  We will balance our strong academic program with a focus on social/emotional skills which romotes our students' wellness and openess to learning.  Throughout the district, students will experience mindfulness and Positive Education practices.

    Genesis Parent Access has expanded within the district.  Annual opening of school forms were completed through Genesis including the release of bus passes.  Middle and elementary school homeroom assignments were released through Genesis.  This year, parents can monitor their child's daily attendance through Genesis.

    At the Elementary level, science classrooms (grades 2-4) will continue their partnership with Eco-Schools and the New Jersey Audubon Society to engage students in environmental literacy and skills.  First grade teachers and their students will participate in STEM projects focused on the engineering design process.

    Fisher Middle School will implement new instructional math resource (College Preparatory Math) which is currently used in grades 9-12 math courses.  This will provide more cohesive district math programs in grades 6-12.  The sixth (6th) grade ELA teachers and students received new instructional materials (Houghton-Mifflin - Collection Series) which are currently used in grades 9-12.  Both the ELA and Math materials will include e-book textbook and student workbook access for students and staff.  Our Fisher students also have a new enrichment elective, a Guitar class is available this year.

    Ewing High School students will have access to eleven Advanced Placement (AP) courses, "on campus" courses at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and Rider University and both "on campus" and "online courses" at Mercer County Community College.  Based on student requests, EHS has opened another section of the Wellness class which has had positive student feedback.  Students who are participating in the SAT can access on online SAT course six-eight weeks prior to their scheduled SAT test by signing up for a free username and password.  The online resource provides a pretest, targeted tutorials and sample test for students to take in preparation for the SAT.  Students participating in a September or October SAT should contact their counselor or Assistant Principal Benton the first week of school.

    Across the district, we conintue to expand student access to chromebooks with many classrooms utilitzing Google Drive for its collaborative tool and as a means to create an environmentally friendly paperless classroom.  Student's are developing their writing, research, and collaboration skills to accessing Google tools in their classrooms.

    As a district, we embrace using best practices in all areas to promote instruction.  We continue to support a vibrant and growing Music, Art, World Language, Business and Family and Consumer Science classes.

    Providing Learning for All is our mission in the Ewing Public Schools.  We will continue to live this mission everyday in our classrooms.  There are amazing projects and learning experiences created daily by our dedicated staff which promote students learning and achievement.

    I look forward to all having an amazing year!

    Dr. Danita Ishibashi