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    Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

    This is going to be an exciting school year! We have 38 new staff members joining our Ewing Family as well as several administrators moving into new positions.

    What is in the future for Ewing staff and students during the 2017-2018 school year; our continued focused on teaching and learning to enhance our student’s ability to apply and transfer written communication and analysis skills across all content areas. Now that district wide Wifi is available and the number of chrome books has been significantly expanded, we will focus on how instructional technology is being utilized in the classroom.

    Our K-5 classrooms will implement the Next Generation Science Standards with new instructional materials and curriculum. Also, K-5 classrooms will introduce new spelling and word work resources. For the last year, Fisher has implemented new S.T.E.M courses and Next Generation Science Standards. This year, Fisher will hone their instructional implementation and focus on using technology as an instructional tool to promote student learning.  All English 11 and English 12 classes received new instructional materials (Houghton Mifflin - Collection Series) which include e-book access for students and staff. This expansion provides a cohesive ELA program grade 9-12 at EHS. There are several new elective courses at EHS this school year:

     9th grade electives

    • Robotics – open to grades 9-12
    • 3-D Printing/Makerspace - open to grades 9-12

    10th grade

    • AP Human Geography

    11th/12th grade

    • Culinary Arts III (Baking and confection)

    As a district, we continue to support implementation of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) in English Language Arts and Mathematics the Next Generation Science Standards. It is inherently clear that all three content areas expect students to demonstrate their thinking and reasoning through writing or other media.  

    We will continue embracing and supporting best practices to achieve this goal: Research Simulated Tasks (RSTs) in English Language Arts, Music, Art, World Language, Business, Social Studies (grades 4 -12) and Family and Consumer Science classes.

    Our district mission statement is Providing Learning for All.  We continue our commitment to bringing this statement to life daily with staff and students.  Thank you for the opportunity to share with you the various initiatives which are occurring throughout the district. It is important for you to know about the tremendous works happening across our buildings to support our teachers and promote increased student learning and achievement.


    Have a great year!

    Dr. Danita Ishibashi