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    The Ewing School Board meets regularly to discuss and act on matters directly affecting the children of the Ewing School District. The public is invited and encouraged to attend these meetings, which operate under Robert’s Rules of Order. Minutes are available to all citizens on the district web site after board approval.
    Any questions regarding the Board of Education may be directed to Dennis Nettleton, Board Secretary at 
    (609) 538-9800 ext. 1302.

    The 2020 Ewing Township Board of Education

    Ms. Lisa A. McConnell, President

    Mr. Carl A. Benedetti, Jr., Vice President

    Dr. Channing C. Conway

    Mrs. Deborah A. Delutis

    Ms. Deborah A. Jones

    Mrs. Karen A. McKeon

    Mr. Anthony F. Messina

    Mr. Michael S. Miller

    Mrs. Stephanie F. Staub