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    The Ewing Public Schools
    Integrated Pre-School Program
    **The Tuition Lottery selection for the 2022-23 School Year was held in April. Please contact Erica Cook: ecook@ewingboe.org to check program availability or to be added to a Wait List if applicable.**
    The Ewing School District Integrated Pre-School Program at Antheil, Lore and Parkway Elementary Schools will serve both typically developing and special needs children, three to five years of age. The program will immerse children in a variety of language-related activities, art and music activities, learning readiness skills and hands-on activities that promote academic and emotional grown. Each session will be comprised of up to eight typically developing children and up to eight children with special needs.
    • The morning session will run from: 9:15 am until 11:45 am. 
    • The afternoon session will run from: 12:45 pm until 3:15 pm.

    Our special needs children are placed in the program through eligibility criteria outlined in the New Jersey Administrative Code.

    Due to high demand, typically developing children will be placed in the program (based on availability) via a LOTTERY SELECTION. If a spot is offered, registration must be completed, and a monthly tuition fee will be charged. 



    Children must be three (3) years of age before they can start the program. Placement into morning or afternoon session is up to the Pre-school Coordinator. Must be a resident of Ewing Township.



    If your child has special needs, or if you would like to request an evaluation with our child study team, please contact Christine Magana at: 609-538-9800 ext. 4182 for more information.



    The monthly tuiton fee for students accepted into the program is $370* per month and will be paid to the Ewing Public School District. Invoices will be emailed and payment is expected on the fifth of each month. The first and last months' tuition, plus a non-refundable $25 registration fee, for a total of $765 is due by July 1, 2022.




    Please contact: Maria Petsos
    Antheil Elementary School
    609-538-9800 extension 4154
    Please contact: Erica Cook
    John F. Gusz Building
    609-538-9800 extension 7175
    Please contact: Tarita Cross
    John F. Gusz Building
    609-538-9800 extension 7182
     *Monthly tuition rates are subject to change