• EHS English Department


    Ms. Sara Graja 

    District Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction for Language Arts Literacy; K-12 ELA/Media Centers/ESL/ K-5 ACE Program

    • Rider University: Teaching Certificate, Educational Administration Certificate
    • Rider University: MA Curriculum, Instruction, and Supervision
    • University of Pittsburgh: BA Liberal Arts and Business Management
    • sgraja@ewingboe.org 
    • (609) 538 – 9800, ext. 2156

      EHS English Teachers

    Ms. Nicole Bailey-Williams

    • Temple University: M.Ed. Secondary Education 
    • Hampton University: B.A. English
    • nbaileywilliams@ewingboe.org  
    • African American Literature, English II, and English IV



     Mr. Anthony Buchanan

    • Southern New Hampshire University: M.A. English
    • Rowan University: B.A. Radio, Television, and Film
    • abuchanan@ewingboe.org 
    • English I, English IV Foundations, 
    • and Real-World Writing


    Mrs. Christina Monaco-Caldwell

    • Holy Family University: M.S. Secondary Education & Special Education
    • Penn State University: B.S. Secondary Education English/Communications
    • ccaldwell@ewingboe.org 
    • Drama and English II 
    • Drama Club Advisor
    • International Thespian Society Advisor
    • Musical Production Director https://sites.google.com/ewingboe.org/ehsdrama/home



    Mr. Kai Dale

    • The College of New Jersey: M.A.T Teaching English as a Second Language (expected summer 2020)
    • The College of New Jersey: M.A. English 
    • Fairleigh Dickinson University: B.A.  Literary Studies
    • kdale@ewingboe.org 
    • ESL


    Mrs. Ellen Davila

    • Rowan University: M.A. Librarianship
    • Ursinus College: B.A. English 
    • edavila@ewingboe.org 
    • Media Specialist
    • Frescoes - EHS Literary Magazine, Co-Advisor
      • https://sites.google.com/ewingboe.org/ frescoesehslitmag/home


    Mrs. Stephanie Drum

    • Rider University: B.A. English 
    • sdrum@ewingboe.org
    • English III, English IV Foundations


    Mr. Timothy Gibbs

    • Temple University: B.S. Secondary Education & Social Studies
    • tgibbs@ewingboe.org 
    • English I, Mythology, Real-World Writing
    • Film Club Advisor https://www.ewing.k12.nj.us/Page/1806



    Mrs. Melissa Ginsburg

    • Mercy College: M.A. English Literature
    • Penn State University: B.A. English 
    • mginsburg@ewingboe.org              
    • AP Literature & Composition, 
    • English III, and English IV


    Ms. Maria Gonzalez

    • Rider University: B.A. Spanish & Speech
    • TCNJ: M.E. ESL Endorsement; Educational Leadership
    • mgonzalez@ewingboe.org 
    • ESL



    Mrs. Cary Halliburton

    • Muhlenberg College: Bachelor of Arts in English and Spanish 
    • Rider University: Master of Arts in Teaching
    • Email: challiburton@ewingboe.org 
    • English II and Mythology


    Dr Ing 

    Dr. Ellieen Ancrum Ingbritsen 

    • Holy Family University: Ed.D. Literacy: Adjunct Instructor
    • Rider University: M.A. Curriculum & Instruction
    • College of Saint Elizabeth: B.A .Pre-school, Elementary, K-12 English, Special Education
    • eingbritsen@ewingboe.org 
    • English II, III, and IV
    • ALP Supervisor



    Mrs. Karyl Martucci-Malato

    • Georgian Court University: M.A. Education
    • Georgian Court University: B.A. English
    • kmartucci-malato@ewingboe.org   
    • English I, Real-World Writing, and Public Speaking



    Ms. Kelly Masterson

    • University of Maryland: B.A. English Literature
    • kmasterson@ewingboe.org 
    • AP Language & Composition, English III, and Journalism
    • Newspaper Advisor ewingsvoice.com



    Mrs. Regina Meehan

    • C.U.N.Y.: Master of Arts
    • Hunter College: Bachelor of Science
    • rmeehan@ewingboe.org 
    • English I, II, and IV 



    Mrs. Danielle Miller 

    • The College of New Jersey: B.A. English Secondary Education
    • The College of New Jersey: B.A. Communications: Television & Theater Production 
    • damiller@ewingboe.org 
    • English IV and Tomorrow's Teachers https://www.ewing.k12.nj.us/Page/367
    • EHS Future Educators Association Advisor https://www.ewing.k12.nj.us/Page/1797



    Mr. Daniel Montferrat

    • Rutgers University: B.A. English 
    • Georgian Court University: M.A.T. Teacher of English (K–12) & Teacher of Students with Disabilities
    • dmontferrat@ewingboe.org
    • English III, English IV
    • Head Coach for: 
      •   Boys Cross Country
      •   Girls Basketball
      •   Boys Track & Field



    Mrs. Megan Soltysik

    • Rutgers University: M.A. English 
    • The College of New Jersey: B.A. English 
    • mohalloran@ewingboe.org          
    • Creative Writing, English II, and English III 
    • Co-Advisor for c/o ‘21 
    • Coach for: 
      •   Fall Cross Country
      •   Winter Track
      •   Spring Track


    Mrs. Jennifer Smith-Walsh

    • The College of New Jersey: M.A.T., Secondary Education, ELA
    • Rutgers University: B.A. English Literature
    • Mercer County Community College: A.A.S. Paralegal
    • jsmithwalsh@ewingboe.org 
    • Literacy Coach for Ewing High School & Fisher Middle School
    • Frescoes - EHS Literary Magazine, Co-Advisor
      • https://sites.google.com/ewingboe.org/ frescoesehslitmag/home


    Ms. Valerie Tomaszewski

    • TCNJ: B.A. Secondary Ed/English and 
    • TCNJ: M.E. Teaching English as a Second Language 
    • vtomaszewski@ewingboe.org
    • ESL



    Ms. Jamie VanHise

    • The University of Alabama: B.A. Secondary Education ELA, 
    • jvanhise@ewingboe.org 
    • English I and II
    • Coach for Girls JV Basketball 



    Ms. Lauren Wood 

    • LaSalle University: Masters Plus 30 
    • Holy Family University: M.Ed. Reading Specialist Certification
    • Bloomsburg University: B.S. Special Education 
    • lwood@ewingboe.org 
    • Resource English
    • Advisor for Rotary Club https://www.ewing.k12.nj.us/Page/278


    EHS Language Arts Course Offerings  

    Required Courses

    1. Ninth Grade – English I
    2. Tenth Grade – English II
    3. Eleventh Grade – English III
    4. Twelfth Grade – English IV

    Placement into levels is based on three criteria: 

    Language Arts – Reading grade, Language Arts –Writing grade, and NJASK 8 score for Language Arts Literacy. 

     Below are the descriptors for each level:

    Honors  –  A student who is self-motivated, can think critically and is an independent learner should succeed at this academic level. Students are expected to read extensively and then apply and synthesize the information. Students are also expected to be able to write multi-paragraph pieces of narrative and expository writing. Prerequisites are listed in the curriculum guide.

    Level 1 –   Students are expected to read literature appropriate to their grade-level on a regular basis. Students should also be familiar with the multi-paragraph essay and would benefit from instruction in idea development, organization, sentence fluency, and conventions. Prerequisites are listed in the curriculum guide.

    Essentials – Students at this level read and write on a daily basis and benefit from the structured application of reading and writing skills.  Constant reinforcement in the writing process, including idea development, organization, and the self-editing of usage and mechanics, occurs on a regular basis. Research skills are also emphasized.  Prerequisites are listed in the curriculum guide.

    Elective Courses

    • Advanced Placement Literature/Composition (meets 12th grade, English IV requirement)
    • Advanced Placement Language and Composition (meets 11th grade, English III requirement)
    • African American Experience in Literature
    • Creative Writing
    • Drama
    • Journalism
    • Mythology
    • Public Speaking
    • Tomorrow's Teachers (Honors level; juniors and seniors)

    Programs Available Through the English Department

    Frescoes (all grades)

    This is the Ewing High School art and literary magazine. Students are encouraged to submit short stories, poetry, essays, and other writings. This magazine is published at the end of the school year.

    Aspirations (all grades)

    This is a literary/art magazine published each year by Mercer County Community College. The college invites high school students to participate in this competition. The college hosts a recognition program every year.  

    Venture (all grades)

    This is a literary arts magazine at Rider University. The college invites high school students to submit essays, short stories, and poems. Winners will be considered for publication in Venture.

    Ewing’s Voice (all grades)

    Students with an interest in journalism are invited to participate in writing for the school newspaper.  Students who enroll in Journalism class assume the responsibility of writing, publishing, formatting, and distributing this school newspaper.