• unity

    The Lore School UNITY Program is woven throughout all parts of the school’s curriculum. It addresses many of the Core Curriculum Content Standards now put forth by the New Jersey Department of Education. The UNITY Program is a well rounded, exciting and most importantly, “successful” program. It has enhanced the school climate as well as the relationship between students and staff members. Students have the opportunity to grow in a nurturing, educational environment that is both socially and academically stimulating. The goal of the UNITY Program is to have all Lore School students become productive members of our global society and to be better prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century. It is hoped that the social skills they learn while at Lore School will assist our students in living in a multicultural world where mutual respect for individual differences will bring about peace and harmony.
    Mission Statement
    The mission of the Lore School UNITY Program is to create a functional, caring, and responsive learning community, where students can grow to be kind, develop self-control and the capacity to learn and care for themselves and others.
    History of the Lore Unity Program
    Download the Lore Unity Program Booklet for the complete history of our award winning program.