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    The Responsive Classroom is a teaching approach where the social curriculum is fully merged with the academic curriculum. These strategies help to create a sense of belonging where children truly care about themselves and each other.

    Each day begins with a Morning Meeting which establishes the tone where all students are safe, physically and emotionally. Students in Lore School are provided with “structured life fitness” where recess precedes the lunch period. This provides a more relaxed atmosphere permitting students to interact and socialize more. This practice tenets on the Responsive Classroom ideology.

    In order for students to develop a commitment and to practice values, they were given the opportunity to have input in deciding the school’s rules during a Constitutional Convention with delegates representing all grades. A Constitutional Convention was held last year where the school’s rules were drafted and adopted. The entire school attended the signing of the Constitution allowing students to participate in the process and take ownership of the rules.

    These rules are posted throughout the school, in every classroom and even in the main office. Students know whether they are on the bus, in the community or anywhere in our learning community that they are governed by these rules. The rules provide the framework for an effective, consistent strategy for redirection, teacher talk, social behaviors and school-wide expectations. This Constitutional Convention is also repeated in classrooms, where the teachers and students determine the rules of their classroom.

    Also, the prestigious Northeast Conference for Responsive Classroom has been held at Lore School. Teachers and staff members from schools in nearby states have come here to be trained in the Responsive Classroom ideology.

    Through the use of this methodology, our school and teachers build a strong sense of community where students feel “connected”, are willing to help, care for others, and actively participate in all activities and events. By caring for others and asserting self-control, an environment is created where “ALL” feel safe. This program is designed to help students develop life skills that will better prepare them to live in a global society where peace and harmony can flourish.