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    The Linking Program evolved out of a desire to have our students relate their daily actions and behaviors to the true meaning of the Unity words.

    A student who models the meaning of the Unity words is selected by his/her teacher to receive a “link”. A special ceremony takes place in the glass hallway attended by classmates, teachers, the principal, the assistant principal as well as other staff and guests.
    A specially designed pin signifies a “link”.

    Mementos presented to the student for this honor are a Unity certificate and a Unity pin. The recipient concludes his/her segment of the ceremony by ringing the UNITY bell and proclaiming the school motto, “All for One and One for All, You for Me and Me for You.”

    During class ceremonies, each student is recognized for his/her efforts in modeling the graduated developmentally appropriate Unity words.

    The Linking Program has an intrinsic value for our students. As they model the UNITY words daily, they are practicing life long skills.