• School Courtyards
    '94 Wing Courtyard
    This courtyard project was designed by the faculty and staff as part of the school-wide Unity Program. To bring this project from concept to reality, a group of our students’ fathers worked a number of late evenings in the dark to complete the courtyard. The project was spearheaded by Mr. Freda of Freda Landscaping.

    Pebbles of white, tan and beige surrounding blue and yellow paw prints on the ground leads to a pedestal where two lions guard the top of this structure in the ’94 wing courtyard. Within the pedestal are mementos and tokens of Lore School’s students and staff. These time capsules will be opened in the future to give insight into what life was like at Lore School in the year 1994.

    Thanks to everyone involved with this project, the students at Lore School have another special place with beautiful scenery.
    John L. Heater Unity Courtyard
    This courtyard was named after John L. Heater who was principal at Lore School for twenty-three years. His career in education spanned thirty-eight years. Mr. Heater’s influence touched the lives of many children.

    Years before “character education” was an educational buzzword, he was teaching life lessons to the students daily. Mr. Heater believed that by grounding children in life skills and steeping them in traditions the academics would then “fall into place”.

    Over the years, the various activities designed to build a “sense of community” and belonging for each child was enveloped in his crowning glory, a beautiful tranquil courtyard. In this beautiful courtyard are statues, plagues, decorations and foliage that reflect the Unity words and the principles that Mr. Heater instilled in students, parents, teachers and staff.
    Leo's Lair
    This was the first courtyard at Lore School. It was part of the original building dating back to 1963. It exterior walls received updating as they built the 2001 wing.

    The courtyard is named Leo’s Lair for the school’s mascot. Formerly, each day a stuffed version of Leo was placed outside in this courtyard. Leo enjoyed watching all the students as they passed.

    Leo’s Lair is maintained by the students and staff which allow students to see staff members performing community service as they teach their students lessons on service learning.

    Within this courtyard are flower beds, shrubbery and seasonal decorations which provide another tranquil outdoor area for students to use for academic lessons, reflection or quiet time, and the joy of nature.