• Lore Elementary School is a one story, handicap-accessible elementary school located within a quiet suburban development in the Mountainview (West Trenton) section of Ewing Township.
    The original one story building has expanded over the years to adapt to an enlarging population. In 1994 a new wing was built adding six classrooms, two small group instruction rooms, art, instrumental music, vocal music, and computer rooms. A double gymnasium with a retractable wall, lavatories for students and adults, a nurse’s suite, a large library and storage area were also included. This wing was built to house the fourth and fifth grade classrooms. As Lore School’s population grew, another wing was added in 2001. This wing added eight more classrooms, additional lavatories for students and adults, small group instruction rooms which houses third and two fourth grade classes. Also at this time, the entire Lore School building was refurbished with new windows and exterior walls and air conditioning throughout the building.