After approval at a special meeting of the voters of the school district which was held on December 12, 1961, the Board of Education was authorized to purchase certain lands and premises. After being surveyed, 30.717 acres of lands were purchased for $73,720.80 approximately $2,400 an acre.

    At a board meeting on May 21, 1962 upon the recommendation of a special committee appointed to name the new elementary building on Westwood Drive, the Board designated that the building would be named the Francis R. Lore Elementary School.

    The school was named after Francis R. Lore, who was a member of the Ewing Township Board of Education for more than eleven years from February 1941 to August 1952. He was also president of the Board for the last six years of his term. Unfortunately he was killed in a plane crash during his presidency on the Board. It was decided to name the new elementary school after him due to his great contributions to the development of the school system in its time of rapid growth.

    The architectural firm of Kramer, Hirsch and Carchidi was employed to design the Lore School building. In 1963, the new elementary school opened its doors for the first school year. Lore has sixteen classrooms, an office and a multi-purpose room which serves as a cafeteria, auditorium and gymnasium. Tables and benches fold right into the walls making the multi-purpose room unique. At this time a road to the school was not yet constructed. It was built later.

    Mrs. Marjorie Matlack was the school’s first principal, followed by Mr. Wayne Pickering, who served as Lore's principal until 1980 at which time Mr. John L. Heater assumed the reins as principal for the next twenty-three years. In 2003, Mrs. Patricia Womelsdorf became Lore School’s principal along with Mrs. Michelle Conway as assistant principal. Following Mrs. Womelsdorf's 10 year tenure, Mr. Edward Chmiel became the Principal of Lore School in 2013 until August 2017 moving to Ewing High School.  Mr. Charles Welsh was hired as the Interim Principal for the 2017-2018 school year.  We welcomed Mrs. Kelly Kawalek as Lore's new principal on July 1, 2018.

    The original one story building has expanded over the years to adapt to an enlarging population. In 1994 a new wing was built adding eight new classrooms, art, instrumental music, vocal music, and computer rooms. A double gymnasium with a retractable wall, a large library and storage area were also included. This wing was built to house the fourth and fifth grade classrooms.

    As Lore School’s population grew, another wing was added in 2001. This wing added eight classrooms housing third and two fourth grade classes. Also at this time, the entire Lore School building was refurbished with new windows and exterior walls.

    The hopes and dreams of those who conceived the school have far surpassed their original ideas and expectations. Today, Lore is an “award-winning” school. Within its walls is a “Family” composed of students, parents, teachers, staff and volunteers who help make Lore School a special place.