• The Outdoor Classroom is located in Antheil’s courtyard and is a botanical refuge for both animals and students.  Over the years the space has evolved and changed.  Early on it was simply a stone path with a shaded seating area for classes to meet.  Numerous parent groups, students, teachers, and scouting groups have worked hard to plan and develop this area into a welcoming , inviting, educational space.  Fundraisers, grants, and volunteers have enable us to create a unique area for students to learn.  You can now travel along a brick walkway passing through several different garden areas.  At one end by the library there is a Reading Garden (dedicated to our late kindergarten teacher Fran Smith) featuring butterfly friendly wildflowers and benches for class lessons.  On the side is a composting area with three different ways to demonstrate and experiment with composting.  In the middle is the shaded seating area for students and shed for garden supplies.  At the other end by our cafeteria you will find a perennial garden, spring bulb garden, herb garden, and a strawberry patch.  There are also birdhouses, a bird feeding area, and a goldfish pond.  Many classes visit the courtyard during the school year for hands-on experiences in science and math, writing inspiration, presentations of plays, class celebrations, and school events.


    During the school year 5th graders in The Antheil Garden Club contribute to the maintenance of this area.  Over the summer Antheil families are invited to help with watering and weeding.


    When at Antheil, make sure to visit The Outdoor Classroom located in the courtyard.