William L. Antheil was the prominent owner of a retail business, of whom it was said, “His word is his bond.” With that integrity, Mr. Antheil and his family became involved in influencing education in Ewing Township.  Thus, as an honor for his services to the educational community, the new demonstration school, developed jointly by Trenton State Teachers College and the Ewing Township Board of Education in 1960, was named the William L. Antheil Elementary School.

    Shortly after it was opened as a middle school, an elementary wing was added, (the present kindergarten/first grade hall).

    The first principal of the lower school was Miss Marjorie M. Matlack, who worked jointly for the college and the school district.  After three years, Miss Matlack was appointed principal of the new Lore Elementary School, and Antheil’s lower school was led by three appointees of the College and the Board of Education, Messrs. Gannon, Waters, and Warner.

    Thousands of students have received quality educations at Antheil under the expertise and guidance of superior teachers and staff.

    William L. Antheil Elementary School has experienced fifty years of change and transformation, all the time, providing students with a foundation for life.