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    Fisher Middle School Guidance Department
                   PHONE: 609.538.9800 X 3110            FAX: 609.771.0738               
    Dr. Karen Allen (Benton)  Director of Counseling Services & Assessment             X 2122
                                   Jennifer Hanlin                                         Secretary to the Director                             X 2121 

      2019-2020 School Counselor Assignments
    All counselor assignments are by grade level
    'Click' below on the counselor name for additional information.
    COUNSELOR Grade Extension
    Andrea Sandoval Grade 6 X 3112
    Jennifer Citarella
    Grade 7 X 3114
    Maurisa Thomas Grade 8 X 3113
    Lori Amison  Student Assistance Counselor  X 3145
    Ellen Everett Secretary X 3110
    Jennifer Nicolaou Secretary X 3111

     New Jersey Student Learning Assesment

    Ms. Thomas will be the Guidance Counselor for the rising 6th grade students for the 2020-2021 school year.  If you have any questions Ms. Thomas can be reach via e-mail at mthomas@ewingboe.org or by calling 609-538-9800, ext 3113.