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    Ewing High School’s Fourth Annual Anti-Bullying Poetry & Rap Contest

    The Anti-Bullying Poetry/Rap contest results are in! This year over 70 students participated in the annual event, with some very talented writers submitting heartfelt and poignant poems or raps on the sensitive subject of Bullying in our schools and society.The following students are being recognized for their outstanding effort:
    First Place: Matthew Abelowitz     Words     
    Runners-Up:  Georgie Abdelmoety & Brian Morton-Salley     Let me paint you a picture
    Honorable Mention:
    1.       Scott Price
    2.       Jack Rivas
    3.       Fascia Barclay
    4.       Myles Berry
    5.       Katie Pischel
    6.       Julianna Nisen
    7.       Hannah Hnasko
    8.       Kaydeanne Francis
    9.       Mart Francisco
    10.   La Brea Jones
    11.   Isaiah Thomas
    12.   Natalia Rodriquez
    13.   Andrea Santiago Rivera
    14.   Natalie Jesseman
    15.   Jynnifer Sanderson
    16.   Tristan Baranyi and Deanna Hendrick (co-authored)
    17.   Melissa Ordonez- original artwork-anti-bully comic
     Poetry winners
    Please see our Poetry Page to see past submissions.


    The EHS English Department would like to thank all the students who participated in this year’s Anti-Bullying Poetry and Song contest.  This is EHS’s Third Annual Anti-Bullying poetry/song competition and this year the school received more submissions than any previous year. 
    Nearly one hundred poems and songs were submitted that dealt with the themes of anti- bullying, understanding one another and respecting differences.  In addition to poems and songs one student even submitted a serious cartoon that dealt with the ramifications of bullying. 
    Many thanks to Mr. Faherty; Ms. Drum; Mrs. Soltisk; Ms. Hernandez; Mrs. Kulick; and Mrs. Masterson for judging the poems in addition to the support offered by all members of the English Department.  
    We would also like to thank teachers and staff who encouraged their students to speak out and stand up to bullying in our schools and society. 
    This year Georgie Abdelmoety was awarded First place in the poetry competition for her poem “It doesn’t hurt less than a broken bone.”

    She received a gift card and certificate acknowledging her accomplishment. 

    Honorable mention certificates were awarded to the following students for their original poem or song. 

    Alex Adomat

    DJ Ansely
    E Aparicio
    Faith Beckett
    Sarah Bystrycki
    Alex Dang
    Veronica Didenko
    Jackie Gummel
    Mehek Haroon
    Jimar Mims
    Marshall McGuire
    Brian Morton-Salley
    Trei Tiggett
    Alex Toler
    Katie Pischel
    Jack Rivas
    Eric Rowe
    Ausar Wright
    Madison Zuczek 

    An Honorable Mention certificate was also awarded to Lashae’ Vereen for her original comic strip: “Bullying.”

     1st Place 2013-14 
    It doesn’t hurt less than a broke bone
    We say that rhyme about sticks and stones,
    As if they hurt less than a broken bone,
    Because of your hate we believed we would live the rest of our lives all alone,
    With no place to call home,
    And you think that hurts less than a broken bone?
    We’re afraid of what we might see so we choose not to turn on our phones,
    You stole all our hopes and dreams with your hearts made of stone,
    And you think that hurts less than a broken?
    You can’t fool me I can sense the disgust in your tone,
    We hurt so bad sometimes all we can do is cry and moan,
    And you think this hurts less than a broken bone?
    You twist our hearts and rip them out by the roots just by your words alone,
    Please! Don’t act like all of this is unknown,
    Don’t act like you didn’t know that all this hurts more than a damn broken bone.
    1st Place 2012-13

    EHS recently held our 2nd annual Anti-Bullying Poetry Contest. While we set out to raise awareness of the issues of bullying, we really didn’t know what level of participation to expect. In fact, we were overwhelmed by both the number and quality of submissions!

    Students seriously approached this emotional topic by writing original pieces of poetry that combined the craft of poetry with the theme of respect.  After a difficult judging process a top poem was selected and numerous poems were selected as honorable mention.  The students should be commended for their effort, honesty, and ability to use art as a positive outlet for a painful topic. 
    Poetry winner 12-13  
    Honorable Mentions

    1st Place 2011 - 2012
    Bullies and How to Conquer Them



    Torment, suffering, disrespect, distress,

    Abuse, pain, teasing, sadness,


    All are common under this category:


    Bullying. In private school it was unknown to me,

    School life seemed so easy and carefree.

    With no outstanding suffering or fears,

    The happiness of those long past years.


    Then I moved and came to public school

    Where most days were filled with ridicule.

    Whether for looks, clothes, or character,

    Legitimate reasons to harass me did not matter.


    I grew older and moved on to senior high,

    Finally wise as not let bullying bat an eye.

    In comparison to the past I feel so much stronger,

    I refused to let myself be weak any longer.


    Because I have finally realized this,

    That in virtually all societies bullying will exist.

    No matter who you are, what you do, or where you go,

    Bullies will torment anyone, even people they don't even know.


    And bullies are not limited to some kids on a playground or in a school,

    Any person at any age in any walk of life can be just as if not even more cruel.

    They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and colors,

    And have had different experiences in life some prettier other uglier.


    They can skulk around in hoods and boots,

    Or saunter about in ties and suits.

    Direct attacks with harsh cruel words,

    Or the more refined and subtle verbiage of the indirect nature is heard.


    Guns, knives, punching, kicking,

    Attitudes, pressure, glaring, and staring.

    False sympathies and phony tolerance,

    Poorly hidden contempt and underlying abhorrence.


    All are weapons of the same ritual,

    Causing pain whether physical, mental, emotional.

    In any realm in which these weapons slay,

    they all sting in their own way.


    And they're used by people of all natures:

    Kids, teens, students, parents, neighbors,

    Teachers, politicians, administrators, officers,

    Doctors, lawyers, lovers, haters, racists, and discriminators.


    It is impossible to eliminate bullies

    From all societies.

    There's one thing a bully can truly be defeated by,

    And once obtain and realized it does not die.


    Described as: power, hope, influence,

    Long suffering, might, and endurance.

    Might, passion, tenacity,

    Unending and unceasing bravery.


    Its strength. Strength not be strong in the face of adversity and ignorance.

    Strength not to let the bad things people say even have substance.


    Its the emotional, physical, and mental shield necessary to stay abound,

    Because no one can knock a person who won't allow his or herself to be knocked down.
    Honorable Mentions

    You tried to break me                              

    -Kiana Justiniano


    Go ahead

    Hide behind your computer

    You’re not hurting me.

    Hide behind the typed words.

    You knocked me down once

    As the smoke cleared

    I realized

    Your words mean nothing

    Especially if you’re not saying

    Them to me.

    You’re a coward.

    You might have hurt me once

    But never again

    Will I let you watch and laugh

    As I bleed.


    Go back to your cave.

    Go back to your computer.

    You don’t scare me anymore.

    To Make Themselves Feel Better

    -Audrey Horner


    They’ll beat you down with words

    They’ll beat you down with fists

    To make themselves feel better.


    They’ll throw things and taunt you

    They’ll spread rumors and make up lies

    To make themselves feel better.


    They’ll ruin your reputation or give you a bad one

    They’ll make people think badly of you

    To make themselves feel better.


    They’ll tear your self esteem to shreds

    They’ll make you break down in tears

    To make themselves feel better.


    They’ll make you doubt yourself

    They’ll make you hate yourself

    Just to make themselves feel better

    On the Edge

    -Felicia McNeill


    Hit! Bash! Push! Shove!

    Is that anyway to show somebody love?

    Smack! Slap! Punch! Kick!

    Now, I’ve got a busted lip.


    Way back when bullying was at school

    You could escape it once you got home.

    But now, you can’t even pick up ya phone without…


    Text messages, IM’s and Online chat rooms,

    Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and ooVoo,

    Friendster, Tumblr, your world in my world.


    Bullies have realized bruises heal, scars disappear.

    But words don’t go away that quickly.

    They say sticks and stones may break my bones

    But words will never hurt me…



    Try someone calling you a slut, a whore,

    A bitch, white trash, or a fat-ass all your life.

    Scars and wounds may heal, but words you


    Oh, and then a person posts on your Facebook wall things like:

    “Does your family know how gay you are?”

    And then people comment to the post with words like:

    “Everyone knows how gay he is!”


    They keep pushing us! Shoving us!

    Do they know what they’re doing?

    Or, do they want us to fall, to plummet to our death.

    Some fight back, while others take

    The easy way out and   jump, but they

    Leave a trail of broken spirits and

    Torn hearts behind them.


    All of us…well most of us

    Are scared to take that plunge.

    SO in silence, we take it out, wait it out

    Only some get out alive.


    But many are still on the edge,



    That boy down the street.

    But if we do jump, if we freefall, lets do it together

    We’ll do it fingers intertwined, hand in hand

    We’ll do it, so it will mean something

    People will remember us.

    Ya’ll ready…

    Get set…

    Don’t jump.


    Respect Poem

    -Alexa Stryzakowski


    Why do you  make me feel this way?

    I’m going through this every day.


    Do you notice that you make me cry?

    I truly just want to die.


    Why do you call me names?

    Understand that it causes me pain.


    Laughing, teasing, putting me down,

    My smile always turns to a frown.


    I’m scared because one day I might just snap

    Because I’ve had to deal with your crap.


    Respect is all I’m asking for

    I don’t expect anything more.


    Victoria Driver


    The scars, still there

    The tears, still shed

    The girl, still prays

    Prays it would go away


    It never really went away


    A little girl, a dream, a love


    One mouth

    It spat

    It said

    It cursed

    It hurt


    The laughs,

    Two, three, four


    The pain,


    To the pain


    But you’d never know…the tears, the burn

    And the laughs

    Five, six, seven

    Just take me to heaven, take me to heaven


    The thought, all too familiar

    To put her life to an end

    And the pain…it gained

    It gained


    But, you’d never know…

    One little girl

    One story

    One broken heart

    Because this little girl…

    Was me.


    Increase the Peace

    -Cameran Dingman


    Stop the bullying

    Stop the hate

    Lets all be nice


    Stop the teasing

    Stop the name calling

    Lets all make right


    Lets all make the world a better place

    Extract all the evil and the hate

    Put a smile on someone’s face


    Everything will be better

    You’ll be all alright

    Keep your head high, day and night


    Don’t call names

    Escape the dark

    Because one day you might leave a mark

    Why do I?



    The reason why I bully is hard to explain,

    But if you’re curious, I’ll attempt to tell you.

    My life has many negative factors, of which I should be ashamed.

    Know that before you question why I do what I do.

    I’ve had enough negative experiences that could have drove me insane.

    But I didn’t feel like I could confide in anyone, not even my crew.

    Everybody has pity for my victim, and sees me as the lame.

    I’m just seen as the person they plan to sue.

    I’m not justifying my actions, they are wrong and I should be ashamed.

    But know my past first, before you question why I do, what I do.

    Online Bullying

    A Modern Villanelle



    In life, friends come and go

    For Angel, her friends went too quickly

    It all happened over Facebook.


    Angel’s friends told her about Facebook

    And she wasn’t so sure how it all worked

    Friends come and go.


    As she began to explore, she received a friend request

    It was an unknown, but he was cute…

    It all happened over Facebook.


    They started messaging, telling each other personal things

    Angel realized she liked this boy

    Friends come and go.


    Suddenly, he began writing mean things on her wall

    Angel was so confused and just wanted to cry

    It all happened over Facebook.


    The next day at school everyone was talking about what they read online last night.

    Angel felt alone and embarrassed

    Friends come and go.


    That night she went home and tried to talk to the boy.

    There was no answer.

    It all happened over Facebook.


    The boy kept writing on her wall, it seemed endless.

    Angel simply couldn’t take it anymore.

    Friends come and go.


    Angel’s sister found her in the tub with a hair

    Dryer hovering over the water. 

    Her sister called her mom.

    It all happened over Facebook.


    Angel was rushed to the hospital

    There she saw her best friend

    Friends come and go.


    Her best friend admitted that she was the boy on Facebook.

    Angel cried.

    Friends come and go.

    It all happened over Facebook.