Hall Lockers have been provided for each student’s convenience and safekeeping of the student’s possessions. Hallway locker combinations should be known only by their owners in order to insure confidentiality and to prevent theft.  
    Although these lockers are sturdy, the lock mechanism can be damaged through careless usage. All the combinations have been checked and are in working order. Difficulties with lockers should be reported to the Main Office. Please don't share lockers with friends. If the locker becomes jammed, it can only be opened for the student it was assigned to.
    Gymnasium lockers are to be totally emptied periodically for custodial
    cleaning. Any items left in the locker at that time may be discarded. The Physical Education Department will announce dates for locker cleaning. Students are responsible for keeping their lockers clean and orderly. The lockers are school property and may be inspected at any time.