• Director of Counseling Services & Assessment
    Mrs. Betty Jo Prince
    609-538-9800 X7161
    John F. Gusz Building
    220 Ewingville Road
    Ewing NJ 08638
    Prince 2012
    Mrs. Prince has been in the education field for 34 years. In two previous school districts, she served as a special education teacher, vocational counselor for special education students, vice principal in two middle schools and assistant to the superintendent in a school district of 75,000 students. Mrs. Prince began working for the Ewing Public Schools in 2000 as the assistant principal for Ewing High School and then became responsible for the daily functions of the Ewing High School Guidance Office working as assistant principal for guidance and instruction.

    Mrs. Prince received her Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University in 1977. She received her Masters degree in Educational Administration in 1983 and her Education Specialist degree in Educational Administration in 1988 both from Georgia State University.

    Mrs. Prince began her current position in July 2012 as the Director of Counseling Services and Assessment for the Ewing Public Schools. In this position, Mrs. Prince’s responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
    • Anti-Bullying Director for the district overseeing the School Safety Teams and the Anti-Bullying Specialist for each school.
    • District State Test Coordinator
    • Overseeing and enhancing the K-12 Guidance Program
    • Master Scheduling for district schools
    • Ensuring Ewing’s student information system optimum utilization

    Mrs. Prince’s personal philosophy on educating children is that every child is entitled to a complete and comprehensive education regardless of their intellectual, physical, social and emotional capabilities, socioeconomic status or obstacles they may suffer. All children can and will learn given the proper roadmap, direction, environment and level of guidance. As educators, ensuring this is key to the success and progress of each and every child. Moving forward, it is Mrs. Prince’s goal to work toward developing K- 12 guidance programs and initiatives that will deliver on these needs and objectives for our district students.