• TO REPORT AN ABSENCE:  CALL (609) 538-9800 x2141

    • ANYONE picking up a student must be on the student's contact list and must provide a photo ID.

    Early Dismissals - Parents: When requesting an early dismissal, please send your written request with your student that morning. Mrs. Beck will write them a pass to excuse them at  the appropriate time. This will alleviate the need to disrupt the classroom. Thank you for your cooperation.




          Students are required to be in attendance as specified in the annual Board of Education approved calendar. “Excused Absence” is a pupil's absence from school for a full day or a portion of a day for one of the following reasons:

    a. The pupil's illness/absences with an original doctor's note (indicating the student was seen by a doctor), or a hospitalization (within ten school days of the absence. If there is contagion, a doctor's note is required for re-entry.

    b.         Family illness or death in the immediate family (length of time to be
     determined in each individual case by the Principal or his/her designee
     with a parent/guardian note within ten school days of the absence).

    c. Educational opportunities - activities or situations which are school
     related and are sanctioned by the administration such as field trips,
     exchange programs, school explorations (maximum of two days per
     school year).

    d. Excused religious observances, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:36-14 through 16

        with a parent/guardian note within ten schools days of the absence.

    e. Where appropriate, when consistent with Individualized Education Programs,
     the Individuals with Disabilities Act, accommodation plans under 29
     U.S.C. §§ 794 and 705(20), and individualized health care plans
     pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:16-2.3.

    f. The pupil's suspension from school will count as an excused absence.

    g.         The pupil's required attendance at a court appearance; a note from the
     probation officer is required upon return to school.

    h. Interviews (maximum of two per semester) with a prospective employer or with an admissions officer of an institution of higher education (prior
    administrative approval required).

    i. Examination for a driver's license (must provide driver’s license issued on date of excused absence).

    j. Other reasons deemed acceptable by the school administration.


    All absences for the above reasons require notes which are to be taken to the Attendance Office immediately upon a student’s return to school.  Students with no notes are unexcused absences.

    If a student has a chronic illness that may cause chronic absenteeism and/or lateness to school, it is mandatory that a student obtain one doctor’s note annually stating what the chronic illness is and that chronic absenteeism or tardiness may occur this year due to the described chronic illness. If the student is then absent for this reason, a parental note should so indicate on each such occasion. This will be recorded in the student’s tardy or absence information.


    -  Each student will be permitted a total of 8 absences per course per
     semester without penalty.

    -  Students’ absences from classes because of legal and religious holidays, out
    of school suspensions, up to 2 college visitations (juniors/seniors) per
    semester, school functions, and school sponsored trips and committee

       meetings, which are school sponsored, will be exempt from this
    number.  However, family vacations/trips are not exempt.

    -  There is an appeal process for unusual circumstances only.


    Daily Attendance

    Attendance is taken during every block and students are expected to be in class and seated at the bell.  Students arriving after 7:45am and before 8:00am will go directly to class and be marked tardy by their Block I teacher.  Students who arrive after 8:00am are to report directly to Attendance where they will be recorded as late and are then to go directly to class.  Parents may monitor their child’s attendance via Genesis at any time.


          Parents and students should monitor Genesis regularly for student late/tardy attendance. The teacher will record tardy/late attendance to class as follows:


          Late:  Any student over 15 minutes late to class will be recorded as late for attendance by the teacher. This late shall be counted as an unexcused absence towards the maximum 8 allowed in a class. Therefore, it can affect graduation credit by having the student receive a No Credit – Attendance (NCA) for a grade.


          Tardy: For each time a student arrives to class 15 minutes or less he/she shall be recorded as tardy.  On the 3rd tardy (to each individual class) and each additional tardy, the student will:
           - Have one grade point taken from their final grade for that class
           - Receive one day unexcused absence (which will count towards
                the maximum of 8 unexcused absences allowed) for every 3
                tardies to a class

           - Be cited as a 2nd Level discipline infraction per the Conduct &
                Discipline policy and referred to their Dean for discipline
                (Saturday Detention).


    General Instructions to Students

    ·    Students are not to arrive on school property before 7:15am and are not to leave before 2:30pm without administrative permission. When students are given permission to leave, they must sign OUT and back IN through the Attendance Office if returning that day.

    ·    Unsupervised students should not remain on school property after 2:30pm

    ·    Students are not to loiter on school property following an activity or event. All pickups are to be made at the front door. Leaving school without getting administrative approval will result in disciplinary action.

    ·    Students on home instruction/Out-of-School Suspension ( OSS) for discipline reasons are not permitted on school property.



            It is the responsibility of parents and students to be aware of the student’s attendance record during the school year, in each of his or her classes. To assist with this, all parents have access to Genesis services that will allow a parent to monitor their child’s grades, attendance and discipline via Internet anytime of the day.  Attendance in individual classes will be included on all progress reports. 



     Students who exceed the limits above will have the right to appeal to the building administrator for a review. In order to qualify for the appeal process, the student must be passing the course but losing credit due to excessive absences only. All appeals must be in writing to the school assistant principal within ten (10) days of when 8 absences are exceeded. Students should give the date(s) absent, the rationale, and documents upon which the appeal is being made should accompany the appeal. 

          If a student fails any number of courses due to lack of academic performance and/or absences exceeding described limits, he/she will not receive credit for the course. If a subject is failed and available in a summer school, successful passing of that subject in a summer school is the only method available to gain credit for any subject failed for academic deficiencies, outside of repeating the course in a subsequent school year.

          Seniors may attend a summer school or Virtual School and if, at the end of the course(s), they meet all graduating requirements they will be granted their diplomas at that time.  Prior approval by the student’s Guidance Counselor is required for summer school attendance or Virtual School.



          A student returning from an absence cannot be kept at a disadvantage because of having missed new and important material. A pupil is entitled to assistance when rejoining his/her class.  However, it is the pupil’s responsibility upon his/her return to check with his/her teacher to acquire the work.

          A student must meet with an Assistant Principal to set-up time (ALP/after-school) to make up the work, required to be completed in class (i.e. Technology, Family & Consumer Science, Art, etc.), that was missed.

          The teacher and pupil should set a definite date when this is to be accomplished.  To allow some flexibility, the time should be judged as reasonable for this purpose.  Considerations for determining a reasonable time are:

    ·    The length of the absence

    ·    The difficulty of the subjects in the total schedule.

          Pupils who fail to take advantage of the opportunity or neglect the time limit set may then be failed for that work.           

          Time to make-up work is in direct proportion to the amount of class time missed.



          Research or term papers assigned prior to suspension or absence and due during the absence will be accepted by the teacher on the day the student returns. Preferably, students should be notified to have these papers turned in on the date specified even though they are on suspension or absent.

          For long-term assignments made during the suspension or absence, an extended time will be given to allow equal preparation period to that of other students.



          When a test is missed due to an absence which would result in course failure, the student is entitled to a make up test. Make-up tests may be a different equivalent version in order to prevent students from using the added time of an absence or suspension to advantage.


    Religious Holidays

    Any student absent from school because of a religious holiday may not be deprived of any award or of eligibility or opportunity to compete for any award because of such absence. Students who miss a test or examination because of absence on a religious holiday will be given the opportunity to take an alternate test or examination.

    To be entitled to the privileges set forth above, the student must present a written excuse signed by a parent or guardian and it will be recorded as an excused absence.  Such absence will NOT be recorded on any transcript or application employment form or on any similar form.

    The Board of Education has the right to add any bona-fide religious holiday to the State-approved list for its own schools.

          Approved religious holidays can be found at:

    Student Request for Early Dismissal
          Once students arrive at school, they are not to leave the school property without the permission of an administrator.
     To gain an early dismissal, a student must present a note from a parent or guardian the morning of the desired dismissal. The note must include the date the note is written, the reason for the request for early dismissal, the date and time of requested dismissal and return, parent/guardian signature, and a phone number where you can be contacted for confirmation before your student leaves. Any person granted this dismissal must sign OUT and back IN on a form provided in the Attendance Office. Students should exit by the main entrance and should be picked up in front of the school. Students dismissed early are to leave the school grounds promptly.