• Mrs. Karen A. McKeon
    District E-mail:

    Karen A. McKeon, Vice-President, was first elected to the Ewing School Board in April 2008. She served as President April 2011 - December 2012. She and her husband Brian have been residents of Ewing Township for over 20 years. They are the proud parents of two children, one who currently attends The Ewing Public Schools and a graduate of The Ewing High School Class of 2016. 

    Mrs. McKeon continues to volunteer as a parent of the district currently with the EHS Class of 2018.  Previously, she volunteered with Fisher Parents Association and served three years on the Antheil PTO Executive Board holding the offices of Co-President and Co-Vice President. 

    Her motivation remains unchanged: "Kids First". As a member of the Ewing Board of Education Mrs. McKeon continues to stress the importance of class size and strongly believes there is a direct correlation to student success. During her term she has supported the concept of educating the whole child by ensuring they are exposed to a strong fine arts/music program as well as extracurricular clubs and sports to compliment the classroom education. While other districts have had to cut middle school sports, clubs and the arts, our district has not only retained these programs but expanded them to allow more students to participate. 

    Mrs. McKeon values the district’s partnerships in learning with the local business community which provides our students opportunities that would not be possible with our current budget constraints. It is through these partnerships our students have been exposed to programs and advanced technology without burdening the tax payer. These partnerships have funded the district’s Odyssey of the Mind and FIRST Robotics programs where our students have succeeded at the National Level. 

    As a homeowner and taxpayer in Ewing, Mrs. McKeon believes in planning for the unseen future to minimize the impact of the unexpected. As a member of the board, she understands the importance of maintaining the facilities of the district and supports the district’s facility plan which includes ensuring all buildings and grounds have a long range maintenance plan. This long-range maintenance plan is also limited to the constraints of the district budget and it is necessary to seek alternative funding sources. The Board and administration have been aggressive in pursuing grant money such as State ROD funding to enhance and improve the district facilities. 

    Mrs. McKeon’s main goal is to see the students of the district succeed. The past school year saw many student achievements in the arts, athletics and academics in which she takes tremendous pride. She also points to the Ewing Schools being deemed a “highly performing” district in the district’s most recent State monitoring and the fact that Ewing was the only county school district to achieve all of its ESEA assessment performance objectives the last two years prior to the PARCC era as evidence the Board and administration are working together to move the school system forward.  Mrs. McKeon also points to the district’s recognition by the AP College Board for student achievement and participation in Sustainable Jersey as further progress of Board of Education initiatives.  

    During her term, Mrs. McKeon has served on various School Board committees. In addition, she has served as the School Board Liaison to the Ewing Public Education Foundation (www.epef.org), an independent, non-profit citizen's organization dedicated to providing innovative educational experiences for students and the community of Ewing Township. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Trenton State College. She is currently employed as an analyst at Curcio Webb LLC.