• What is Odyssey of the Mind?
    Written by Mallory and Jayla
    Odyssey is a two-part program.  To get into the program, children need to be creative.  The first part is spontaneous.  Spontaneous is when the team tells an answer to the judge.  There is hands-on, verbal, and hands-on verbal.  Hands-on is when students get to make or touch the object to finish the problem.  Verbal is when a team points or says a sentence or phrase to answer the problem.  The last one is hands-on verbal.  In this one they get to touch and object and say something about it.  In all of these spontaneous problems, Odyssey members have to be as creative as possible.
    The second part is the long term problem.  Long term is when the kids have to write a script and make props to act out a skit in front of a row of judges. 
    In all of these, the are NOT allowed to use "outside assistance".  That is when somebody else gives them ideas; it is NOT  allowed.