By Daniel and Caleb
    What a night that Parkway held annual Think-A-Thon for Ewing Elementary Schools!  There were many boards on display for the AIM and ACE program, and there were crowds of people throughout the gym and cafeteria.  Some of the ACE boards were about ads and creating your own products.  The AIM boards were about patterns and math situations.  Some of the ACE boards had food and drinks in their display.  For example, there were Coke, Pepsi, "Energy Bagels", and "Puppy Water".  The Energy Bagels display had facts about energy in the bagel and why it is such a good food for breakfast.


    Some of the projects included in displays of famous buildings.  For example, one of the buildings that was well-liked was the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
    When interviewed, this is what one students had to say, "We were getting talked to by other families and some of us were nervous and just didn't know what to say.  So when they said, "Good job!" we knew that it wasn't our best that we could do.   When our parents came, they tried to encourage us to say more than that one thing we said.  When the next person came we tried to remember what our family said and say it with encouragement."
    A large crowd turned out for the annual event.  Families and the students learned many things about mathematics, architecture, advertising, media, law and government.  A great time was had by all.  Students are getting ready for the next year... 4th grade is running along to 5th grade.  "We are ready!"  says the Parkway 4th grade.