Mr. Clifford "Kip" Harrison
    Mr. Clifford "Kip" Harrison
    Antheil Elementary School
    609-538-9800 ext. 4102 

    July 1, 2020


    Dear Antheil Elementary School Community,

    It is my great honor to have been named as the new Principal of Antheil Elementary School. I am very happy, grateful and truly excited to become a member of the Antheil Family!

    My goal is to ensure that students’ social and emotional needs are met, that they are happy, safe and able to meet their academic goals. This has been my philosophy since I began my career at Ewing High School 25 years ago as a Health and Physical Education teacher and it has carried through as a Dean of Students and as an Assistant Principal. It is my intention to be available as the Principal and will work tirelessly to ensure that all children are learning and having fun at Antheil Elementary School.

    I am eager to have an opportunity to meet with those of you in the community who support our school and help make a positive difference for our students and staff. If social distancing guidelines relax, we hope to have an in person Open House / Meet the Principal night sometime later this summer. Until then, I will be in the office beginning July 1st and working with our district administration for a smooth and productive start to the upcoming school year.

    Again, I feel privileged to become a member of this school community. I look forward to meeting and working with each of you to ensure the success of our students.




    Clifford Harrison


    ‘Ewing Strong’