• Student Council
    Advisor: Sean Hammer (shammer@ewingboe.org)
    This is an organization of student officers and volunteers tasked with adopting policies and programs for the betterment of the Ewing High School student body.  
    2021-2022 Student Council Officers
    Co-Presidents & Board of Ed Reps: Noemi Garcia ’22 & Thomas Vellenga ’22
    Vice President: Lina Abtouche ’23

    Academics & Mentoring Committee Chair: Meara Hayes ’22
    Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair: Shakera Patterson ’22
    Spirit & Events Committee Chair: Madison Burnett ’22
    Wellness Committee Chair: Lanie Picerno ’22

    Committee Vice Chairs: Lydia Green ’24, Hazel Penner ’23, Jacob Schwartz ’23, Samuel Schwartz ’23
    Google Classroom code: a542t4q
    For updates, follow us on Remind and Instagram (@ewing_stuco)