ASYSST School based Youth Services Program (SBYSP) at Ewing High School offers a variety of year-round intervention, recreational, and support services to our students in a warm and supportive environment. Our mission is to enrich and enhance the lives of youth; thereby increasing their likelihood for completing their education and developing the skills necessary for employment, a trade, or higher education. We want to help students navigate their adolescent years and be healthy! Our activities and events are free of charge and open to Ewing High School students and their families. Services are structured for the purpose of youth achieving their goals as well as positive emotional growth. Our services include individual counseling, group counseling, learning support, career planning, after-school recreation, college planning, and when necessary, referrals to community-based agencies.  
    Please click the following link if your student is in need of ASYSST services: ASYSST Intake Package
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