• First Name Last Name School Extension Email
    Debra Cabell-Case 2099/Payroll 1501 dcabellcase@ewingboe.org
    Heidi Caruso 2099/Assistant Business Administrator 1303 hcaruso@ewingboe.org
    Channing Conway BOE Member 8106 cconway@ewingboe.org
    Crystal Danser 2099/Manager Human Resources 1202 cdanser@ewingboe.org
    Deborah Delutis BOE Member 8113 ddelutis@ewingboe.org
    Renee Gadsby 2099/Confidential Human Resources Assistant 1205 rgadsby@ewingboe.org
    Cheryl Gilliland 2099/Office of Curriculum and Instruction 1403 cgilliland@ewingboe.org
    Theresa Hullings 2099/Confidential Executive Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent 1102 thullings@ewingboe.org
    Danita Ishibashi 2099/Assistant Superintendent of Schools 1402 dishibashi@ewingboe.org
    Deborah Jones BOE Member 8114 djones@ewingboe.org
    Rosa Lopez-Johnson 2099/Payroll 1502 rlopezjohnson@ewingboe.rog
    Lisa McConnell BOE President 8112 lmcconnell@ewingboe.org
    Anthony Messina BOE Member/Vice President 8110 amesina@ewingboe.org
    Michael Miller BOE Member 8115 mmiller@ewingboe.org
    Jennifer Miller BOE Member 8116 jemiller@ewingboe.org