• The Ewing Public Schools

    Board of Education Goals 2022-2023

    Each summer, the Ewing Township Board of Education and the administration meet in a retreat setting to review the state of the district, discuss the progress made on the previous year's Board goals, and shape new goals for the upcoming school year in a collaborative and collegial manner.   

    For 2022-2023, the Board and the administration have established one encompassing goal for each of the major school district areas of: Personnel, Operations, Governance, Curriculum and Instruction and Fiscal Management.   

    Goal 1: Personnel 

    The Ewing schools will implement recruiting, induction, and training processes design to attract and retain an outstanding educational staff during challenging times. 

    Goal 2: Operations 

    As the COVID health crisis continues to evolve, the Ewing Schools will implement programs and practices that promote social and emotional resiliency and address emerging issues such as learning loss and student mental health concerns.

    Goal 3: Governance 

    Acknowledging that the hiring of a school superintendent is one of the most important responsibilities of a Board of Education, the Ewing Schools will conduct an effective, open and efficient search for a new school leader designed to bring on a talented and committed new chief school administrator. 

    Goal 4: Curriculum and Instruction 

    The Ewing Schools will continue to emphasize and enhance effective classroom educational technology through “best practices” that promote authentic student learning, as the district embraces a “one to one” device initiative partnered with a blended learning instructional approach.

    Goal 5: Fiscal Management 

    The Ewing Schools will move forward to finalize the completion of the remaining Referendum ‘18 projects, while exploring opportunities to fund and advance additional capital projects that are beneficial to the school community.


    2022-2023 School District Theme

    “The Ewing Schools-Providing a Foundation for Life”