• High Importance - it is suggested that you set this category to notify you immediately by phone and/or email.

    • School Closings/Delays/Early Dismissal
    • Emergency/Crisis
    • Any issue involving school/student safety
    • Absentee notifications 
    It is suggested that you set the following categories to notify by email only, allowing you to check for information at a convenient time during the day/evening.

    School Information
    • Reminders of or any change to school calendar activities (concerts, special evening or after school activities such as Science Night, Reading night, Spirit Parade, etc.) Reminders about Back to School Nights, report cards, conferences, assemblies, BOE/budget meetings, etc.Information about the district that is not of high importance


    • Bus Accidents/Delays/Schedule changes   NOTE: depending on the situation, notifications of bus accidents may be sent under High Importance


    • Club/Sports activities; cancellations and/or changes in meetings or practice schedules. To be used by coaches/advisors at the discretion of the principal for notifications to specific groups (club members, team members, etc.)


    • Reminders about fundraisers, book fairs, PTA activities, EDP information/reminders, etc.