• How to Update Honeywell Accounts 

    To go to the Honeywell Instant Alert Messaging System, please
    click here.
    You will be brought to the Honeywell Instant Alert homepage.
    If you have not set up a profile yet, click on Parent under New User? Sign up now! Follow the prompts on the screens.
    If you know your user name and password, enter it in the space for user name and password, and click Login. If you do not know your user name and password, please click on Help Request. You must answer the questions asked to get your user name and password.
    The Ewing Public Schools do not have access to parent/guardian user names and passwords.
    Once you have set up your profile, you have three options for your profile: My Profile, Alert Setup, and Alert History. Click on the appropriate title to edit each piece.
    My Profile allows you to edit basic phone numbers that will receive alerts.
    Alert Setup allows you to choose which alerts you want to receive on each phone number you listed.
    Alert History allows you to view the different alerts that have been sent to your phone numbers.


    Log in to Honeywell Instant Alert here.