• If you are receiving alerts and do not have students attending The Ewing Public Schools, please call 609 538-9800 X1102.  Leave a message if you reach voice mail - be sure to include the phone number the alerts are being sent to.  We will remove your number from the Instant Alert profiles. Thank you for your patience!

    Instant Alert is a quick way to communicate to students, parents/guardians, and employees about important information and how to respond properly. Parents/Guardians will choose how this message is sent to them and will be responsible for updated contact information. All information given to Instant Alert will be confidential and will not be shared with any other outside vendors.


    An Instant Alert message can be sent out either in written or verbal form. A written message can be sent to an e-mail account or to a cell phone via text messages. A verbal message can be sent to a home, work or cell phone. Parents/guardians and staff are responsible for updating their personal information and preferences on how to receive messages from Instant Alert. 
    We strongly suggest "High Importance" messages be set for cell or home phone notification - this way you will be immediately notified of any situation deemed urgent by the district/school (emergencies, closings, delays, early dismissal, power outtages, etc.).
    General and school information can be set for an email notification which you can view each day as time permits.  This is where reminders from the school regarding paperwork, fundraisers, school events will be shared.
    For more information, please contact your child’s school.


    Log in to Honeywell Instant Alert here.