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    Caryn Lawton, Athletic Secretary Ext. 2127




    August 5, 2020


    Dear Ewing High School Community,

    As you know from the updates provided by the school district, the Ewing Schools is preparing for the reopening of our schools on September 8th.

    As this time, the fate of the fall athletic season is still not determined. We will continue to monitor the public health situation and look for guidance from medical experts, state officials and the NJSIAA as we move through the summer and towards the first allowed day of practice for fall sports on September 14th.

    However, we are excited to announce that Ewing High School will be holding a voluntary fall sports conditioning camp for prospective fall athletes to improve their conditioning for the potential fall season.

    The camp will be starting on Monday, August 17th and will conclude Friday, August 28th running daily pending weather issues (thunderstorms, heat advisories). Ewing High School will be following the Phase I guidelines released by the NJSIAA. All athletes must have a current physical on file in the nurse’s office in order to participate. In addition, all athletes must bring their own face mask (to be worn before and after the training) as well as their own water bottle (please make sure that you write your name on it). At all times social distancing guidelines are expected to be followed. The conditioning camp is not sport specific and will consist of one hour workout sessions. Depending on the amount of interest, different time slots may be offered outside of the 830AM initial session. The conditioning camp will consist of a one hour workout, you must arrive at 8am to allow for athletes to check in and workouts to start promptly.

    Student athletes would be responsible for the following daily:

    • All student athletes would be required to fill out a daily pre- screen form (online) at home before arrival.
    • All student athletes would be required to fill out a daily check in form upon arrival (online or paper).
    • All student athletes would be required to get their temperature checked upon arrival. Any student who has a temperature higher than 100.3 will be sent home.

    *Parents are required to wait until athlete has passed the daily screening checks before leaving, in the event your athlete needed to be sent home.

    • All student athletes would be re required to bring their own water bottles or they will be sent home.
    • All student athletes are required to be promptly picked up at 9:30 am after work outs to avoid breaking social distancing guidelines.

    ** If a student athlete has a pre-existing condition and/or are immunocompromised (e.g., diabetes, asthma, auto-immune disorders, etc.) the NJSIAA Phase 1 regulations require that a separate written doctor's clearance is needed to participate in summer workouts.

    We are asking that athletes arrive 30 minutes  to the start of their training to have their temperature checked and to turn in their Daily Covid Pre Screen  to be completed before arriving to school. All screenings will be done outside of the high school, near the athletic office. Once screened, the athletes will fill out the Daily On Site Check In  then be permitted to walk down to the stadium field to participate in the conditioning camp.

    If a student wishes to participate in a Sport, the parent/guardian and athlete should complete the mandated paperwork and documentation online. Parent/Athletes should simply go to the Genesis Parent Portal and click on the ‘Forms” link - scroll to the Athletics Forms and fill out all of the required forms.

    When a new physical is required because the previous physical exam was longer than 365 days prior - those forms must be submitted on paper because the law requires the physical forms to be signed and stamped by a physician. You may drop off completed physicals to the Ewing High School Main Office Mondays-Thursdays from 9AM-3PM.

    Click on the link below for the Genesis Parent Portal: https://parents.ewingboe.org/genesis/parents?gohome=true

    We will continue to follow the guidance of the NJSIAA and keep all athletes updated with any information as it becomes available as it relates to the high school fall sports season. Once the conditioning camp concludes on August 28, there will be a two week break before official practices for the fall season would be allowed to start on Monday, September 14. Further information regarding Athletics will come from the district office as more information becomes available. Please stay safe.


    Ernie Covington 


    Director of Athletics 

    Supervisor of Health & Physical Education 

    The Ewing Public Schools

    "Caring about our Community"




     Physical Examination Forms must have all information completed including vision screening and physician's stamp. 
    Optional Summer Workouts & Google Classroom
     We will be utilizing google classroom in order to access our weekly optional summer workouts as well as additional individualized drills. Please note: all of posted material(s) are optional and in no way mandatory. Please ensure that you are practicing and abiding by social distancing guidelines and government mandates. Do not forget to hydrate! The access/classroom code is 75l7hd2. Please forward this code to anyone that is interested. 


    Season Sports Registration Opens Paperwork Deadline Start of Practice
     Fall 2020 Fall Cheerleading       
      Soccer (Boys/Girls)      
      Field Hockey, Cross Country      
      Girls Tennis, Unified Soccer      
    Winter 2020-21 Bowling,Ice Hockey, Swimming      
      Basketball (Boys/Girls),       
      Winter Cheerleading, Wrestling,      
      Winter Track, Unfied Basketball,      
      Unified Bowling      
    Spring 2021 Baseball, Softball, Golf,      
      Lacrosse (Boys/Girls),      
      Spring Track (Boys/Girls),      
      Boys Tennis,      
      Unified Spring Track      
    Season Sports Registration Opens Paperwork Deadline Start of Practice
    Fall 2020 Soccer (Boys/Girls), Cross Country      
      Field Hockey      
    Winter 2020-2021 Basketball (Boys/Girls), Wrestling,      
      Winter Cheerleading      
    Spring 2021 Baseball,      
      Softball, Spring Track      
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    Ernie Covington, Athletic Director
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    Caryn Lawton, Secretary
    609-538-9800 ext. 2127